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A sexual act where a female is being reverse tea-bagged and at the same time you pass gas into her nose making her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
This chick I knew loved seafood so I gave her the Smelly Blowfish.
by cj October 05, 2003
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gay sexual practice, a gerbel is dehaired with "NEER" hair remover. then placed in a paper towel tube, and the tube is placed at the opening of one lovers anus, the other lover then blows a hit of crack cocain into the tube. you figure out the rest.
Bruce enjoyed his weekly smoothie from Felix,it made his feel like a little girl again.
by cj December 04, 2004
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A cult of zombie heroin addicts. Nocturnal creatures, they can be seen wandering around bushes at night. They wander in a syncronised fashion, back and forth, separated from each other by upto 40 metres. The more prestigious members will hide in the bushes themselves, and can only be seen at close distances by their white clothing or cigarettes.
Liam: Shall we scout out the skate park?
Si: Nah, man, i can see them moving.
Timian: Where?
Si: In the bushes.
Liam: Fuck, there's one fettled out on the quater pipe.
Timian: Nah. Fuck that. Let's stay here.
by cj September 05, 2004
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Reffered mainly to mafia and gangs. Sending men to surround a block with dozens of cars full of men, and firing at the block until it is leveled.
Hymie Weiss's gang hit the block that Al Capone was dining at with a friend, but no one was hurt.
by cj October 17, 2003
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A state of which a teenaged person is confined to his or her own house with no contact to the outside world once at all.
Yeah man, i am stuck in a groundation
by cj December 03, 2004
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cj the noob who pwns your ass and an awesoem anime
CJ watched the anime initial d while pwning
by cj April 18, 2005
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