BOS defeats MFY!

by CJ May 16, 2004
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To be used in say a recurring argument that can never be settled by both parties coming to a medium solution, and of which the argument does not end.

Some Redneck -"Guns are good",

Some Nonce - "Guns are bad",

Some Redneck -"Ye but Guns are good",

Some Nonce - "Ye but Guns are bad",

Me- "MFY!"
by SargeMaCDuFF November 9, 2009
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Gay acronym for Mother Fucking Yankees. Those homo's in Red Sox Nation use it because they're jealous of everything the Yankees have that they don't. Like real fans.
Gay Red Sox Fan: I love penis but it hate the MFY!
Yankee fan: Shut up faggot, go cry in the corner with your Bill Simmons column about how great the Sox are even though they just blew a 14.5 game division lead.
by Every fuckin name is taken September 20, 2007
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"Yes/Yes/Mother Fucking Yes?"

Used as an alternative to "Yes/No?" when the negative is really not an option.
Are you going to the party tonight, y/y/mfy?
by RunningFool January 2, 2011
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