When you put your hand in a puppet and the air that’s pushed out makes a noise
“I had a ventriloqueef while I was working that kid’s birthday party
by chxndler May 30, 2021
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when some very talented female ventriloquist queefs but in a last ditch effort to save herself from embaracement makes it sound as if the person next to her queefed

boyfriend "what was that?"
girlfriend "it wasn't me! it must have been a ventriloqueef"
boyfriend "oh those damned ventriloquists"
by Ryan Olsman October 31, 2007
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(Noun) When a woman expels a fart during intercourse and pretends that it was merely a queef.
Susan ate an entire plate of nachos before her date with Todd. She ripped a giant fart as he was pounding her from behind and said "oops I queefed". Later she told her friends the story, and said "luckily my fart wasn't stinky. I was able to pull off a smooth ventriloqueef"
by Sticky Rainbows September 26, 2017
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A female that can throw the sound of a her queef across the room has to make it appear that some other female has queefed.
Everybody laughed at Brittany cuz I thought she hat queefed. But in reality no one knew Katie was a ventriloqueefer!
by natasGA19666 January 20, 2017
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