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Some one who hangs from someone's nuts, (i.e. a stalker, fan). Follows ever move they make
Mike is such a nutswinger.
by Chopperdiva March 10, 2004

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Being drunk to the point of swaying so much it looks like you're going to fall over completley, but you don't
Mark was so lummoxed at the BBQ, we thought for sure he would pass out
by Chopperdiva March 10, 2004

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turning the man love on at a moments notice (used much like when you were a kid playing with your friends in the street and a car drove by. once it passed you said "game on")

"Gay ON!" (should be repeated by others in vacinity after initial announcement)
by chopperdiva November 07, 2007

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the result of too much drinking then attempting to type on internet chat boards. the result being semi-incoherent comments, and really bad spelling.
sitru typeew ing ?

that says sissertyping...
by chopperdiva July 15, 2004

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completely and totallt retarded when it comes to art, and all things relating to art....

combination of the words art and retarded
Fucking kick ass explanation of composition. I'm like you but even more artarded (new word - art+retarded)...........
by Chopperdiva March 31, 2004

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when chatting on an internet message board, and you go back to a post to edit information that was previously thought to be correct, but you were called out on your misinformation.

Named after the screen name of the person who would edit such posts...
Dumbass whent back and BAMF'd his post because he's a tardo
by Chopperdiva March 10, 2004

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