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Some one who hangs from someone's nuts, (i.e. a stalker, fan). Follows ever move they make
Mike is such a nutswinger.
by Chopperdiva March 10, 2004
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A person that represents someone (famous) to the point that they might as well be hanging off their nuts.
Kid 1: Oh I love 50 cent! Hes the best! I have all his cds, posters, clothes, everything!

Kid 2 to Kid 3: Yo, Kid 1 is one of the biggest nut swingers I've ever seen.
by G-funk the allstar November 29, 2005
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Nut Swinger - when one person has a ghey infatuation with another person , and they hang on there every word ( NUTS ).
Everytime kunkelution says anything steve the "Nut Swinger" steps up and toots his horn...
by COOL MO DEE May 04, 2007
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Any girl who refuses to be away from her boy. Typically, she puts a damper on otherwise good times by just being there. The same term could be reversed such that the boy is the pain in the ass, applied to gay couples, or (less accurately) lesbian couples.
"You remember how cool Rob used to be? Too bad he has that nutswinger of a girlfriend, now."

"Dude, your girls a damn nutswinger. Don't invite her."

"Dude, grow some balls and tell your nutswinger girl to stay home."
by kevlarcupid September 06, 2006
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Bryan Detty, a person who clings on to persons of authority with such patheticness, and he's really fat.
by lreich February 03, 2005
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