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When talking with friends, obsessively going over the countless scenarios that may happen with the opposite sex. Most often done between girlfriends, especially when a new relationship has started.
Mandy and Angela had spent all night scenariorizing about what she should do if Jordan invites Mandy over to his place. After 2 hours of discussion, they decided that if Mandy goes over past midnight Jordan will assume she is slutty, so she should only accept if he calls before 9 PM and she should wear tight jeans and a cute tank top, which is kinda hot, but not too hot.
by Cherryblossom August 29, 2007
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A creepy guy who hovers too closely to females in a bar/club and does not get the hint that he is not wanted.
Sami: Oh my god! That croacher must be following us.
Angela: Isn't he that same guy who was standing next to us downstairs?
Sami: He is so weird. Why is he staring at us like that?!?
by cherryblossom September 04, 2007
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What Facebook has become, specifically, a forum to gloat about your amazing life. This includes uploading too many baby or wedding photos, status updates about travel experiences, and pictures of food recently consumed.
Everyone I know: You should check out my Facebook page. I have all my wedding photos there! And an ultrasound of my fetus! And pictures of my hotel room in Bali! And the ice cream sundae I just ate that had chocolate sauce and whipped cream all over it. OMG, my life is so amazing!!!

Me: Gloatbook
by cherryblossom May 28, 2012
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A book made of paper, predecessor to the ebook.
Because I love trees, I'm buying ebooks instead of treebooks. Okay, it's really because I love showing off my iPad. Still saving trees, though!
by cherryblossom June 22, 2010
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The state of being overly focused on one's cellular telephone. Applies to people who are constantly sending text messages, answering telephone calls, tweeting, or updating Facebook in social situations.
Be prepared to be ignored if you go out for dinner with Alyssa. That girl is totally cell-centered.
by cherryblossom July 25, 2010
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A date that is a total replay of previous pointless, forgettable dates.
Hairdresser: How was your blind date?

Samantha: Totally boring. We talked about our work, how many siblings we have, our hobbies. No spark, just superficial chit-chat. It was just like every other lame date I've been on in the past month.

Hairdresser: Groundhog date.
by cherryblossom July 04, 2009
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Luck with parking. Helped by being a nice driver in a previous life.
Genshe was always a kind driver, and the universe repays him with good carma. He always finds a parking spot for his car.
by cherryblossom June 15, 2009
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