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What absolute utter ignorant pricks call a guitar riff. The singular most irritating thing that can ever be said to another human being who knows the correct way to say it is "riff".
Sam- I love that guitar rift from Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker.
Chaz- I hope you die a lonely, slow, painful death.
by CharlieGiggles September 12, 2009
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Plasticization Syndrome is a phenomenon found in the UK's current generation's youth, born in the late 80's and early 90's. It is when, due to peer pressure, perception of an "ideal appearance" in the media, bad parenting, and the culture of celebrity, the girls of the generation assume semi-identical appearances, without realising what they're doing.

Symptoms include aggressively straightened hair, hair being bleached blond to the point where the hair follicles are actually dying, applying makeup that can be measured in inches, saying "izzit" after every other sentence, assuming an online identity containing the words "lil" and "princess", having extremely underage sex, not having any real friends but instead a large group of people with whom to bitch, a lack of personal identity, respect and development and a general ignorance of the world.
Charlie: God, the leaver's ball at school was totally ruined by the semi-identical, orange-tanned, cinderella-dress clad girls- it looked like some kind of weird shop-dummy gathering.
Girl Suffering from Plasticization Syndrome: Mett, laak, wot is iz u on abaat boi? U best not be dis'spectin me or nuffin. Izzit.
Charlie: Jeez.
by CharlieGiggles August 07, 2009
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A license fail occurs when someone taking what should be their first driving practical test prepares thoroughly with expensive lessons, has been waiting for months, is supremely confident of their ability to pass, and has even discussed getting insured for their parent's car upon passing...

...Only to discover that, in the test center waiting room, they have the wrong side of their paper provisional license, meaning they cannot be tested, waste the money spent on taking the test, disappoint family and friends and have to wait 3 months for the next available test.

Also known as "pulling a Charlie".
Guy 1- Holy fuck, you know what's worse than failing your driving test?

Guy 2- Nah, what...?

Guy 1- committing epic license fail, that's what *shudders*
by CharlieGiggles August 29, 2009
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A tiny albeit charming village in East Cornwall, UK. Almost exclusively populated by old people and almost always deserted. All other inhabitants are either crack dealers or students incredibly bored at the lack of anything exciting happening.

Overshadowed by neighbouring village/town Par, where things are mildly more entertaining. Mildly.

Tywardreath is inhabited, however, by Keith the Legend, owner of the Lons store. It is rumored he is Chuck Norris' long lost brother.
Charlie: Hey, I'm bored! Lets do somethign EXCITING!
Mate: Mate, we're in Tywardreath. There's NOTHING HERE.
Charlie: Oh. Gutted.
by CharlieGiggles August 07, 2009
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Dry, watery cider that tastes faintly of those chemicals you used in secondary school chemistry class. Always seems like the best thing to buy when having an "event" due to it's cheapness and universal appeal- it's sweet enough for girls to like, but "beery" enough for guys to like.

Almost always induces vomiting after 5 or 6 cans. It is physically impossible to sip or savour Strongbow in any way due to both it's taste and reputation as a "party drink".
*when drunk* god, why did we buy STRONGBOW?! *pukes in front of friends* I'll never drink this godawful shite again...
by CharlieGiggles September 02, 2009
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A piece of electronic musical equipment used by musicians to create a limited variety of bleeps and basic drum patterns.

It's first entry into popular culture was its appearance on Muse singer Matt Bellamy's guitar.

However, the Kaoss Pad has now become a symbol for spoilt rich kids who got a guitar for christmas and "want to sound like Muse". Some even spend vast amount of money actually installing the pad into their guitar at a custom guitar shop.

Later, they realise that it's use as a musical instrument is in fact incredibly limited and will discard it after several days of fiddling with "that Supermassive Black Hole noise" the pad can make.
Spoilt rich kid- hey, I just got a learner guitar for Christmas and can only play Wonderwall on it. Ah well, I'll just go out and buy a £200 Kaoss Pad, that'll make me just sound like Matt Bellamy from Muse!

Friend- But surely you want to learn guitar properly first and then build your own original guitar sound and style before spending £200 on a piece of shoddily made metal.

Spoilt rich kid- NOOOOOOOO! MUUUUUUUUUUUUSE! *growls* supermassive black hoooooooooooooooole!
by CharlieGiggles August 26, 2009
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iReeling occurs when you attempt to wrap your iPod headphones around your iPod when putting it away, but then get distracted, resulting in you absent-mindedly twisting your headphones round in a "reeling" motion for up to a minute, making you look like an utter fool.

Usually occurs when meeting someone in a street while listening to your iPod.
Charlie: *listening to iPod* oh, hi mate!
Mate: Hi there!
Charlie: *removes headphones and starts iReeling* "so, hows things? I heard that you-"
Mate: Charlie, you're iReeling.
Charlie: Ah.
by CharlieGiggles August 07, 2009
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