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The Gibby is an area in the east end of Greenock, Scotland that is home to social housing developments. There are also some privately owned properties but most residents can't afford their own home. There's a community cafe and a kids' nursery school, plus Bogston train station.
Och, here mate, you going up the Gibby?
by catpeesweeties February 09, 2021
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Bill Hader is a deeply sexual being from another dimension sent to cheer up us poor earthlings through his acting, directing and sometimes musical work.

You should definitely listen to the Blue Jean Committee at New York's hottest club.
"Oh my gosh, it's that hot guy from Oklahoma called Bill Hader."
by catpeesweeties February 10, 2021
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Largs can be found in the west coast of Scotland. It was traditionally a seaside resort but most of the hotels and amusement arcades are shut so the best you can do is get a chippy takeaway and smoke some ciggies.

It's a place where residents of more urban towns like Greenock and Paisley go to feel the salty air in their lungs while eating candy floss and Italian ice-cream.

There's usually some Viking festival each year unless that's been killed off and sent to burn in the Clyde.
It's a nice sunny day, let's go to Largs.
by catpeesweeties February 09, 2021
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Inverkip is a village in the west coast of Scotland. It is normally pretty peaceful but has gotten more murder-y in recent decades.

There is a beautiful marina that has lots of boats and some really nice rich people homes. There's also a manor called Ardgowan that is surrounded by land where you can find sheep and horses etc.

Inverkip was small but new houses keep being built on the hills behind the village and lots of trees are being knocked down to do this because someone said "fuck the environment!".

From Inverkip you can travel down the stunning coastal road towards Largs, perfect for summer driving. Inverkip has a small beach as well, which is usually quiet but can occasionally be filled with drunk teenagers.
"I'm thinking of getting married in Inverkip."
"Just avoid the murderers."
by catpeesweeties February 09, 2021
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A more Scottish way of saying "keep the head"; it means to stay calm and keep your mind away from going crazy-loco or angry.
"Look, it's no even worth it. Keep the heid!"
by catpeesweeties February 10, 2021
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Kilmacolm is a village in western Scotland. It has some poor people but is predominantly populated by the middle and upper classes.
I heard he's moved to one of those mansions in Kilmacolm
by catpeesweeties February 09, 2021
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An area in the borough of Lambeth located in south London. West Norwood ain't as cool as Brixton and it ain't as posh as Dulwich, however it's kind of okay.

West Norwood cemetery is pretty interesting and has some famous people buried there.

There are also lots of stray cats in West Norwood and at night the foxes come out to get food remains from the rubbish bins.
"Terry just moved to West Norwood."
"He'll like the cafes and charity shops!"
by catpeesweeties February 09, 2021
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