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The offspring of a 'redneck' and a 'normal' person. Picture Larry the Cable guy knocking up Sandra Bullock. The ensuing baby will indubitably have innate, annoying redneck qualities from it's father, whilst the mother would try to raise it with class so it has a good shot at succeeding in life. It'd grow up to be a person who, for the most part, fits into normal society, yet still has many annoying redneck quirks. Similar to an interracial child, yet a mix of culture instead of race.
"Yo, little Billy lives in a $300,000 house with his parents, and he goes to the finest prep school. Yet he still blows snot rockets in mixed company, and he fastened the seat back on his bike with duck tape. I haven't met his parents, but my guess is that little Billy is a rednick."
by cagedape January 13, 2010
A physiological condition that renders the sufferer with profound hyperactivity and spasticity... like after drinking 5 cups of coffee. Possibly named after Hall of Fame baseball player Dick Groat.

This little known disease was brought to the mainstream by a complete episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' being devoted to it. We can thank the honorable Larry David for taking a leadership role in bringing awareness to the public so we can raise money to defeat this life-altering disease.
That girl who is playing the piano way too fast and grunts while she's playing must have Groat's syndrome.

Whoa! She just attached the emcee! Yep, she's got it!
by cagedape January 24, 2011
'Howyamomanem' is a shortened, lazy way of asking "How is your Mom and them?" which itself is a pleasant greeting asking "How is your mother doing? And the rest of the family?" This phrase was originated in the 'coonass' areas of Louisiana (chiefly southern areas of the state), and in recent years has spread to other surrounding geographical areas.
"Eh Thibodeux, howyamomanem?"

"Eh, dey doin arrite. Danku for axin!"
by cagedape December 12, 2009
A statement of strong agreement. Similar to, but stronger than, 'I heard dat', 'Word', and "Dat's what I'm sayin".
Person 1: Bush absolutely ruined our economy.

Person 2: I couldn't agree with you more. That's what I'm screaming.

Person 1: Dis dj is off da chain!

Person 2: Dat's what I'm screamin.

Person 1: Shaneyney booty be on time, u know what I'm sayin my nigga?

Person 2: Trudat my brotha! U ain't neva lied! Dat's wat I'm screamin!
by cagedape July 6, 2009
Legendary party animal. Gets the best drugs, booze, and porn whores money can buy. The hardest fucking partyer since Rick James, may he rest in peace (See, that shit'll catch up with you!)

Oh, also star of one of the highest rated tv shows, Two and a Half Men, and he made some halfway decent movies in the 80's.
Dude, I got my 8 ball and I'm meeting up with Buffy and Cindy tonight. I'm ready to get my Charlie Sheen on!
by cagedape February 7, 2011
Someone who is really, REALLY gay. I mean so gay you couldn't put him out with a bucket of water. The name is derived from a 'baker's dozen', getting 13 items for the price of 12. A 'baker's fag' will suck 13 dicks for the price of 12.
"Dude, Will is so friggin gay. I mean, he's a baker's fag. He'd suck 13 cocks for the price of 12.
by cagedape May 29, 2009
A polite way of calling someone a 'cunt'. Bitch with a capital 'B' would be a super bitch, bitch on wheels, etc. Bitch with a capital 'C' ('C' being the first letter in 'cunt') is a clever way to get around saying the word 'cunt' in mixed or professional company.

For full effect, when saying this about someone, be sure to exercise the proper body language. I.e. raise one eyebrow, give a 'knowing' look, and slightly nod your head. Afterwards, follow up by saying, "You know what I'm saying?" and continue nodding to gain agreement from your audience.
Senator Clinton thinks she's all that, but really she's nothing but a bitch with a capital 'C'.

Lurlene think I's gonna work overtime tonite off da clock jus so she can make her bonus? Shiiiit! She be smoking som'tin. She ain't nuttin but a byatch with a capital 'C'.
by cagedape July 11, 2009