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Coricidin (DXM) abusers refer to the bright-red pills as "Skittles."
by Clark July 31, 2003

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one of the funniest movies of all time. Based on the caddies at Bushwood country Club. stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and the gopher.
example is not applicable
by clark January 30, 2005

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A piercing, and/or the jewelry inserted into the piercing, in the area at the base of the ballsack, forward of the anus
The diamond-studded guiche complemented the symmetry of his nipple piercings whenever he lifted his legs wide.
by Clark November 07, 2003

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n. 100 Spoke Rims. Look similar to bike wheels except on a car. Real gangsters have 100s.
Got 100s on the Caddy, diamond in da back.
by Clark June 28, 2005

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A fuel slut is always an American Automobile, it includes but is not limited too, Z28s, Trans Ams, Corvettes, Larger engine mustangs, and the not too common dodge viper. Basically a high displacement engine 5.7litre+ that is a slut when it comes to fuel. ALWAYS a V8 or larger.
I just filled up my Z28 this morning and it's already time for a refuel. Damn this thing's a fuel slut. But I guess that's the price you pay for 325HP and 350LB-FT of torque.
by Clark July 31, 2004

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sex in a bottle. Basically gets you laid.
get a pint of 151 and some hot chick and you will get laid. Guaranteed.
by Clark December 24, 2004

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an animal with a father tiger and mother lion. the opposite of a liger
Napoleon knows its totally different from a liger
by clark February 01, 2005

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