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Obscure reference to the Simpsons: Monty Burns has just made a speech, and was getting booed out. When he asks his kiss-ass assistant if they're booing him, he replies "No, sir...they're saying boo-urns." He then asks the crowd, and they continue to boo him, save for Hans Moleman, who says "Well, I was saying boo-urns."

An exclamation, used in disappointment or excitement
"I lost the tickets to the concert."
"Ah, boo-urns."
by Burns April 10, 2003
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a blunt mixed with bud and crack cocaine
roll the wooler blunt need to get high
by burns March 29, 2005
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Possessing lower than average sized male genitalia.
That guy has the Suave syndrome going on, He asked me how he was doing and I said 3 nots, Your not big,your not in, and your not going to cum.
by Burns June 30, 2004
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When you have a dump and you don't have to wipe your arse
Man 1: wow, i just had a huge ghost turd!

man 2: Nice one.
by Burns December 02, 2003
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th process of partaking in a 'wank' whilst sat on the toilet, having a shit.
I can't wait to have a shank when I get home from work
by burns November 17, 2003
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Allowing air to be sucked into one's anus and blown out as a fart.
"Dan the Farter" on the Howard Stern show can do suck-in's all day.
by Burns September 24, 2003
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A 16 oz. beverage. Most likey a beer.
"Dude let's go get some Tall Boy's"
by Burns September 24, 2003
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