10 definitions by bruh_w0w

Some terrible smp minehut server with keepinventory, claims, and censorship closer to an authoritarian server.
Are you seriously playing on Gmini? Play literally anything else, for the love of God.
by bruh_w0w December 13, 2021
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Some retarded Minehut Gorilla but they whine all the time and are so incompetent that they tend to forget how to breathe. They usually are the most annoying of Minehut monkeys, and the ones that buy hundred dollar ranks without batting an eye. They try contributing to Ninehut in any way that they can, but fail miserably and are only seen as obsessive, and probably on the spectrum.
I Just called out this Minehut Ape for what they are! Now I have to watch them spam ping one of the Minehut mods until they responds. And even worse, they said they will post my message to Twitter! (horrifying)
by bruh_w0w May 10, 2022
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A lifeless liberal, an insult used to offend any democratic advocate, and can be overexaggerated to just mean you have no life, and you are a liberal.
Stfu Lifeless Lib, nobody gives a shit about your discord server with 1.5k members, nobody ASKED!
by bruh_w0w December 11, 2021
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When you are dumb and need freedom, often used satirically or ironically
Person 1: Bro, you really need freedumb
Person 2: Huh? What? No you
Person 1: No, YOU need freeumb
Person 2: Zad you’re right
by bruh_w0w December 13, 2021
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Holy shit, this fat woman is girthing right now!
by bruh_w0w December 13, 2021
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When you need freedumb, and you are dumbfounded
Person 1: You need freedumb
Person 2: What??
Person 1: You are freedumbfounded
by bruh_w0w December 13, 2021
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