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scary monster, sometimes it lives under your bed or in your closet. Or it sometimes hides where no one would suspect it. It tries it best to scare you, hence the word boo
That boogy monster scared me when it jumped out of the toilet.
by Brett Watson February 22, 2006

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Whenever someone gets hit by a roundhouse kick in the head and spins at an angle before falling to the ground. The body spins this way to prevent the neck from snapping or breaking. Named after Ryo's Dad when he is killed by Lan Di in the Dreamcast game Shenmue
Terry roundhouse kicked Emily and made her do a Hazuki Spin, then took back his Gamecube that she stole.
by Brett Watson April 07, 2006

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Someone or something that attracts a lots of hassle and makes everyone mad.
That Lion is a hassle magnet because it got me in a 3-hit combo and killed me.
by Brett Watson March 01, 2006

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A mammoth of a man, unimaginable strength and power. Whenever you see a big pig, you usually get away.
"Big pig came into the building and started to rape"
by brett watson June 23, 2007

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the worst tier there is, even worse than Bottom Tier. You know they it has to be bad if it is worse than the worst.
In Super Smash Bros. Rob's Yoshi is definitely floor tier.
by Brett Watson April 26, 2006

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A sandwich with boogers on it. except the word "sandwich" turned into "sammich to sound funnier
don't eat that booger sammich or else you'll get diarrhea.
by Brett Watson March 15, 2006

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a "robbed yoshi" commonly known in Super Smash Brothers Melee because yoshi is such a low tier character that it is hard for him to be any good. The player is robbed of thier wins.
Looks like its gonna be another Robyoshi in this next match
by Brett Watson March 15, 2006

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