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A show created by the same guy who did the simpsons, and was much much funnier than the new simpsons, and about par with the old simpsons. Family guy is still funnier, but not by a whole lot. "FOX", the network that forcefed you "shitty reality show of the week" and "lame ass news" cancelled it prematurely. Needs to be brought back along with family guy.
The Simpsons needs to be cancelled. It's not funny anymore
1:"Let's go watch that new reality show on fox!"
1"What happened?"
2"You were having some kinda seisure"
1"thanks man, lets go watch Futurama"
by Brenton October 21, 2004
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doggy fizzle is rap talk for bitch, as in fizzle means female and a female dog is a bitch.
hook me up with some doggy fizzle my nizzle.
by brenton February 24, 2004
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When a woman has sex so much that her junk is loose; Also a female that is butt ugly.
Man, that girl is so split.
by Brenton January 08, 2004
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(Nation Ahead of Time And Space)- A horror-core rap group out of Detroit.
Esham is in Natas
by brenton January 21, 2003
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used to describe te odd shape of ones head. usually and ovalish, long shape much the same as that of Kiff, from Futurama
Ben you have an alien head
by brenton March 10, 2005
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Indian in the canoe!
"I looked down at my skirt and i realized the indian in the canoe was starrting to sail out
by brenton January 07, 2005
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A white rapper who is a multi-platinum selling and grammy winning artist. However, he sounds like an 11 year old homosexual boy and is primarily famous because he is white and does nothing but feed on the controversy he has created.
Wanksta 1- Hey I saw Eminem talking to Carson Daly on TRL. He has a new cd coming out! It is about how he has trouble with his mom and how controversial he is!

Wanksta Frat Boy 2- Oh snap! Wasn't that what his last cd was about dogg?

Wanksta 1- Word up dogg. But my 11 year old sister got this new one and she said it was straight up the dopest cd she's gotten since that last Nsync!
by brenton January 21, 2003
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