this bitch gave me crazy mozzie last night
by yoockyyyy November 28, 2021
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these flaming mozzies are sucking me blood dry bazza
by brad September 20, 2003
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(Mosquitos) AKA Blood suckin bitches that inhabit Aust.
MUM: "Crikey! Look at all these bloody mozzies!! SHAZ GRAB THE AEROGUARD!" *slaps arms*
SHAZ: "Alright Mum"
by drmeme December 28, 2016
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Australian/Aussie slang for 'mosquitoe' commonly used in spoken language .

for an alternate spelling see also 'mossie'

for an alternate slang term see also 'bloodsucker' (NB: 'Bloodsucker' has now been generalised to also refer to things as varied as vampires, lawyers and leeches and the term generally carries a negative connotation).
Pass me the Aerogard mate, these mozzies are gonna make me go troppo.
by Bob Hu July 14, 2005
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'mozzie' for refering to mosquitoes is predominantly used in spoken language and there are varied spellings for the word (see mossie).

for an alternate slang reference to mosquitoes see also bloodsucker.
Could ya pass me that Aerogard mate? These mozzies are makin' me go troppo.
by Bob Hu July 14, 2005
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Mozzie: A dance move created on hoverboards. Rider moves back and forth with riders arms extended like they are flying.
USES: "Let me see you mozzie to this song"
by Lickity Split 1 May 9, 2016
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Aye, we finna go make some mozzy.

I get mozzy all day, yafeel.
by pimpdaddyjay August 10, 2014
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