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going dark, ending communication, or going private with the conversation
Giff, let's finish our lunch plans off-comm...I had a dream last night that 3 guys from the 80's were chasing me looking for their boombox...I'm afraid they might be listening now
by bpbpbpbp May 05, 2008
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When one dude does something to screw over another dude; this often involves breaking Man Laws or particularly one of the following cardinal rule, golden rule, friend rule, six month rule, Three Month Rule, Friend Code, etc.
"Dude...Lucas just dude-screwed me...I had one last beer and he drank it!"

"Dude...I heard Jeremy's dating your ex-gf...he broke a man law...you got dude-screwed."
by bpbpbpbp August 02, 2009
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slang term for Urban Dictionary
*can also be used as a verb
Dude, I'm 100% serious, look it up on urbdict.
*Dude, I'm 100% serious, urbdict it.
by bpbpbpbp April 28, 2008
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