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1.The fourth letter in the alphabet located between c and e.
2. Another way to say dick
by Definition_person April 08, 2014
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"a way of referring to your dick without the extra letters"
yo, that asian bitch was grinding my d hardcore last night and i had a huge boner.

S my D you faggot
by herby May 03, 2006
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a slightly more subtle way of saying "dick"
yo man this girl totally wants my d

just lookin for a place to get my d wet bro
by b__ August 10, 2009
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D means dick as In penis, cock, richard, rod, prick, or hot dog.
Person 1: "last night my girlfriend was sucking the D"
Person 2: "dude that's sick! Last night I was sucking on the D."
Person 1: "YOUR GAY???"
by Skiaddi February 16, 2015
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