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After a period of six months without sex, a man may have sex with anyone he see's fit, and he cannot be mocked by his friends. Any hole literally is the goal.
ex 1.
Guy 1: Fuck me, that chick has two heads!
Guy 2: Meh....I would tap it
Guy 1: wtf
Guy 2: six month rule man
Guy 1: Good point

ex 2.
Guy 1: I have something to admit. I fucked a really fat bird last week...she was like 300 pounds!
Guy 2: When did you and Lisa break up
Guy 1: About 7 months ago I guess
Guy 2: Then its all cool bro.
by Rob D (xpoc) February 19, 2007
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The idea and the rule that no woman is so perfect that you cannot get over her in six months or less. Regardless of how fucking perfect she seemed to be.

This rule applies to all relationships but excludes marriages, since marriages *usually* involve a period of divorce which takes forever and involves losing half of your stuff.
J: I'm trying to keep myself busy, I hope I'm not in this post-breakup depressed mood forever... Six month rule, right?
A: Oh yeah, I know what you mean
J: I mean, its not my fault that Mary cheated on me, sigh...
by October17th2010 June 10, 2012
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