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video game term for someone who pretends like they are good to get into better groups, but ultimately gets carried.
Casey:Steelidan are you good
Steelidan: Hell yeah, I'm the best
Casey: Well we just carried you you Dunker Dog
by bostoncasey December 16, 2020
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East Bumfuck. A small hole in the wall town, that no one knows how to get to. Amazon won't even deliver there.
IE: Hull Massachusetts, a small town on the east coast, an hour south of Boston. Ever been? ... Exactly.
Dave: Where are we?

Casey: East Bumfuck that's where.
Dave: Oh yeah, that makes sense.
by bostoncasey December 18, 2018
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When you have driven some distance but not recalled stopping, turning, or passing any lights.
Casey: How did you wind up with snow on your car?

Kat: I actually don't remember the drive home, I must had been daydream driving.
by bostoncasey September 30, 2018
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Spanish for depleting
Casey: oh no are we gonna time this mythic + 19 plus World of Warcraft key

Fenway: nah we burned it . Rip
Vayne: Depleto
by bostoncasey April 13, 2021
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Casey: You're cute.
Erin: Do you mean like puppy cute? Or frick frack tickety tack, take off your panties?
by bostoncasey March 01, 2016
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A poor strategy, an unwise move, or a dangerous maneuver.
Sharon told Dave she was on birth control, so that he wouldn't use a condom. Dave decided not to pull out and now Sharon is pregnant. It was a fool's gambit.
by bostoncasey December 17, 2016
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When a manager says they will do something the next day, but ultimately never do it. Combination of the words manana and management.
I keep asking mananagement to fire the creepy old guy or at least tell him to stop hitting on me, but they never do.
by bostoncasey March 28, 2019
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