"Shit hitting the fan" is an expression used to describe a moment when things are getting out of control.
by Mini mojito July 13, 2014
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When a hidden or contained problem (the shit) is suddenly exposed or spirals into utter chaos (shit making contact with rotating fan blades) causing a change of tactic from problem elimination (disposal of shit) to damage control or abandonment (cleaning of all traces of bits of scattered of shit or escaping as situation is now unmanageable)
When the shit hits the fan, we’re going to need to call in a cleaner
by BLEVE March 21, 2013
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1.)When all hell breaks loose, Pandora's Box is opened, when you're screwed big time, and/or when yer fucked over.

2.)The moment at which fecal matter hits the spinning blades of an electric fan.

3.)A really good Circle Jerks song featured on the cult classic film Repo Man.
We just get by however we can. We all gotta duck, when the shit hits the fan!

Goddamit boy, how many time have I told you to stop shitting in front of the fan?
by Holy Dragon Sword May 15, 2004
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When something really bad is about to go down. The brief moment before a world of pain is brought down upon someone
When someone says Kelly has small eyes but doesn't realise she can hear them. That's when the shit hits the fan.
by didntsaykellyhassmalleyes August 17, 2010
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