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Before electricity was invented, full moons would cause masses of people to come out of their houses at night and frolic under the moonlight.
There's a full moon tonight, I'm sure all the lunatics will be out causing havoc!
by bobdobolina July 06, 2009

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A phrase used when you need someone to come pick you up.
Yo trey, my ole lady took my ride, can you come scoop a nigga?
by Bobdobolina September 14, 2017

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People who can't spell or say 'Hollandaise sauce' properly.
Bob: "hey, i'm gonna make some holiday sauce tonight!'

Phil: "Bob, your an idiot."
by Bobdobolina January 19, 2015

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It's like a fist bump but for couples, but just touching the tips of your tongues instead of a kiss on the lips.
Wife: Honey, give me a kiss before you leave!
Husband: But you are wearing lipstick.
Wife: Then just give me a tongue bump instead!
by Bobdobolina June 07, 2017

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When you call someone that doesn't want to talk to you, they put you on hold forever so you will eventually hang up.
I hate my phone company. I called customer service and they put me on forever hold. They played showtunes so loud, I had to hang up!
by Bobdobolina October 20, 2016

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Secret code for "Netflix and Chill". Used when around many people and you don't want them to know.
Steve - Hey Suzie! After the party, let's go see Nicholas and Jill.
Suzie - Don't forget the condoms!
by Bobdobolina September 05, 2016

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Your idiot friend says 'magnamanus' instead of 'Unanimous'.
Bubba: Hey Dale! What kind of beer are we supposed to get for the party?
Dale: I asked, and it was magnamanus. Everyone wants natural light.
by Bobdobolina May 24, 2019

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