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Someone who seconds anything Trump says without evidence.
Trumpbots say that any news that is negative to Trump is phony.
by bobbydellwood January 12, 2017

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Someone who falls for everything he hears on Fox TV.
"The liberals are turning this country socialistic."
"Don't be a Fox-sucker.
by bobbydellwood November 12, 2009

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Mike, butt for us while we pass around the blow -- cough if you see a guard.
by bobbydellwood July 15, 2019

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Donald Trump
"Hey, Trump just threw another twitter-tantrum, scolding someone who didn't bow to him."
by bobbydellwood May 26, 2020

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Mike's putting his week's wages on the wrong horse was a kickasstrophe.
by bobbydellwood November 06, 2018

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"Man, I didn't cuff the joint all day -- and that night my skeet rocked like nothin!"
by bobbydellwood August 29, 2018

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To fuck
Hey, were did Ted and Emma go?
He's two-blocking her in the supply room.
by bobbydellwood June 07, 2018

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