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A derogatory way of referring to Jesse Jackson
That porch monkey thinks he's gonna become president.
by Bob December 17, 2003
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only the best rock band ever
kickstart my heart ..............................
by bob November 07, 2004
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Illinois Malnutrition and Sleep-Deprivation Academy
no example needed
by Bob December 02, 2003
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When you got diarrhea, or liquidy crap about to spew uncontrollably.
"I got a bad case of the shits!
by Bob October 10, 2004
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a player. hotty, a guy who can like more than one girl at a time
that guy is a akhil look at all the girls he has.

Dude im an akhil.
by bob April 06, 2005
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someone who thinks irrationally and is giving you a hard time, usually about someting insignificant, or someone who generally randomly overreacts.
Mom, quit being a royal spaz, it's not that big of a deal!
by Bob November 12, 2003
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to instruct someone to leave or go away
You, mate can go GET FUCKED
by bob March 24, 2005
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