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spoiled junkies hoarding all their cash living in 200 bedroom mansions with personal servants and everything, self obsessed,caring only about their own wealth, and getting married/getting divorced about 10 times a year. Sure some celebrities have talent, but do they really deserve 10 million bucks a year because of how they look?

consider this, lindsay lohan is an actress whos job it is to play someone in a movie, but your next door neighbor is a fireman whos job it is to save lives. Which do you think is harder to do, putting your life on the line to save other people, or pretending to be someone your not? Now think about this, who gets paid about 30 times as much as the other person?

now think about this, a few years ago some guy saved another guy who was trapped in the subway rails by lying on him and pushing him to the floor, now that took some guts, while on the same day, jennifer lopez just came out with a new hit album two weeks later, the guy who saved someones life is forgotten, but people are still gossiping and saying how jennifers album is so "hot" in fact, years from now were STILL talking about how jennifer lopez is a great singer/actress/skank whatever
celebrities are overated and dont deserve fame, money, or anything else they take for granted, such as getting an airplane for christmas or owning 4 ferarris. stupid celebrity
by bob mckob March 4, 2008
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its when you gather the salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and everything in your vicinity and mix it with your drink, thus creating a brand new never before heard of beverage can taste anywhere from delicious to vomit inducing. Often done in resteraunts or all you can eat buffets
want to taste the drink sludge that i just made? it includes the basic ingredients like salt and pepper, but i also added clam juice, tomato soup, and steak sauce
by bob mckob March 4, 2008
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yet another word thats hated by the people of urban dictionary because everyone here hates it due to the fact that their either poor white trash that cant afford one, an outcast at school with no friends so they seek attention on the internet, or a 50 year old. So what if its more expensive then the other mp3 players, its the most popular and the fact that its better is a relative term
an ipod does not shrink your penis size

what makes you think a middle aged man will have a bigger penis than a 15 year old just because he doesnt have an ipod

if you cant afford an ipod, its not our problem, quit bitching

if you have something other than an ipod, it wont make you uncool and a loser, if you are normal and not an antisocial freak, you should have friends
by bob mckob May 21, 2008
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sure, you kick their ass and steal their lunch money and pick on them now, but you wont be laughing when drives up the garage and you have to fix his porsche or ur boss will fire you, and then you realize that the guy in the porsche with a smoking hot wife is the guy you picked on when you were in high school, and you attempt to avoid eye contact but the guy says "hey dont i know you from high school?" and then you say yea and he laughs and drives off, then you go back to your mobile home and complain to your 230 pound wife what happened at work, and who knows, that 230 pound wife could have just have been the slutty hot cheerleader chick you used to date back in the good ol days, u never know....
geek, pick on them and youll regret it for the rest of your life
by bob mckob March 4, 2008
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a word that you can never find in a dictionary (except for maybe the spanish-english dictionary)
2000 pages, and still i cant find fuck in the dictionary
by bob mckob December 18, 2007
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a middle aged grown up whos only purpose in life is to annoy and bitch to kids and teenagers. they hate pretty much everything and everyone, mostly their kids because they didnt have a good childhood and are now bitching and complaining about it to every other person 20 years younger than him or her, what a douchebag
at the age of 35, adults become uncool and zombielike, whos only purpose is to destroy the youth
by bob mckob December 20, 2007
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teenagers are someone between the ages of 13 and 20, roughly. not all teenagers are bad, sure some of us are idiots, we simply have alot more to life than we think and some of us are misunderstood, and with all these jackass middle age adults complaining about teenagers because they cant tell the difference between real music and monkey screeching, life is harder for us. Some of us will get somewhere in life if we wake up soon enough to realise whats going on around us
all u shitbags online posting bad defs about how teenagers are terrible are probably just 40 50 heck maybe even 70 year old grannys cause you hate the youth cause ur a douche,
by bob mckob December 20, 2007
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