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A web site that over glorifies everything that is linux or apple. Anything that is microsoft is evil apparently.
A digg user has a nerdgasm whenever someone besides hismelf knows what Linux is.
by bluemuffin May 20, 2009

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A series sequel to a show called Beast Wars. The show not only pissed off many fans but it also introduced some lame ass yoga crap to the whole transformers theme which was required in order for the characters to "maximize"
Beast Machines Example:

Optimus Primal: Maximize! Oh it didn't work... Well shit..

*Some lame overly-cliche oracle thing*
Psst... You must say "I am transformed..."

Optimus: I am transformed! It worked!

*Fans are disgusted at Optimus' faggy new skin head look.
by bluemuffin May 20, 2009

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A word used by game developers when they are going to fuck up a game.
Dev: We're going to make the game more innovative and fun!

*later on after release*

Innovation...how it fails in most new games.
by bluemuffin May 29, 2009

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An actor who can't act for shit but for some reason that is unknown, gets roles in many movies.
Guy: Did you see transformers dude!?!?!?!

Other guy: Nah, it sucked because shai leboeuf was in it.
by bluemuffin May 29, 2009

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A term that basically describes the many loss of IT jobs.

Back in the good ol' days, manpower was required to get work done. These days, you just need a bunch of Indians (From India) who follow a scripted business model, and offer, or at least what they consider, a "service".

The large volume of third-world competition has not only decimated industry-level wages by about 40%, but has also eliminated thousands of previously existing jobs.

Simply put, if you are considering a career in IT, stay away! All of us who are now in IT are wishing we had chosen a different career path as we do not know if there will be a career for us in the long-term.
2008 (new student intake class) - professor speaking: "There are MANY jobs in IT! You will all start at over $60,000 per year! STARTING! You kids were smart to make this choice!

2011 (graduates) - outcome: Average starting wages fell to around 35-40k per year.

"Gee golly, sir, I sure do love being taken advantage of by my employer due to the shitty economic climate!"

Another example:
A student looks for a job, only to discover that all "junior" entry-level positions, require 3-5 years of industry-level experience. Life is so not fair sometimes.

A dude gets rejected after his 4th interview for requesting a livable wage:
"cloud computing can kiss my ass!"
by bluemuffin March 04, 2012

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(The motion picture produced back in 2007)

A dumb fucking movie where the action scenes are so shaky you can't even tell what's going on. Also the acting of shai leboeuf makes the movie unbearable to watch for some people.
Dude: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see transformers?

Other: Yeah, it sucked hard eh?

Sheeple dude: What?
by bluemuffin May 29, 2009

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An Over hyped piece of shit game. Many geeks fail to realize that the game is not worth upgrading for and is simply just another typical fps.

Dude: Nah I play good games like half-life 2 that are actually able to run on normal pc's.
by bluemuffin May 30, 2009

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