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In 1976, a bunch of niggaz decided to set aside a mumf (month, in Standard English) to demonstrate to the world that Africans and peoples of African descent had contributed to the advance of history. Knowing that there actually were no such contributions, and that nobody would be interested if there were, the niggas chose February, the shortest, coldest, and most miserable month of the year.

Now, every February, schools, libraries and other governmental offices put up displays purporting to honor nigga contributions. The actual contributions of the race, (to brutal sports, popular music with filthy lyrics, and criminality of all sorts), are taboo, of course. So well-meaning white folk show off a few niggas who assisted Caucasian do-gooders in freeing the Nigga from slavery (BIG fucking mistake, Whitey!), the guy who invented the traffic light, the handful of niggas who knew how to write books, and a few other made-up stories about nigga accomplishments. For 28 days, school kids and others laugh at the pathetic nature of the race, and at the end of the mumf, everything is put away for another year.
Black person: On black history month, we talk about how we wuz kangz n shiet nigga.

White person: Sure....
by The Welfare Office August 02, 2018
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A month for white people to pretend they care about black people and for black people to pretend that they care about history.
Black History Month Conversation:
White person:I'm sorry,I can't help that I'm white.White people suck! See, i'm not racist! Black people rule!
Black person:Shut up wigger. I don't need you to tell me that you suck to know that.
Me:Fuck you guys.
by Allergic to Asshats February 16, 2007
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An exuse to remain seperated, stereotyped and judged upon. The only way to be "equal" is to forget about it and MOVE ON. We are encouraged to think being black makes us "special" and everyone should cry us a river. Most blacks are asking - no BEGGING for racism.
Italians went through the same crap, and IMO Jews had it worse than anybody. How come they dont have a month?

Notice how Jews and Italians are almost totally accepted now.Black History Month should be cancelled.
by ThuqLadeey February 03, 2006
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The stupidest thing ever. So our ancestors enslaved the black people...not our fault! The only reason racism still exists is because black people won't let it go.
black person: "Why are you doing this? Is it because I'm BLACK!? It's Black History Month, show some respect."
by MD4254 August 21, 2010
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A time when everyone is suspected of being racist
Mr. Brown tried to get on his students level by relating to the black kids as his piers. For months he said "sup Homie" before class and the students were fine. Come black history month, he was sued and thrown in jail for being a racist bully.
by Sscps February 13, 2015
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Black History Month, n.

1. A sorely needed opportunity to raise awareness of the history of black Americans among people of all colors.

2. The shortest month of the year.
Black History Month is important not just for Black people to understand their own people's centuries-long struggle for liberation, but for all people to recognize the problems that institutionalized racism and skin color privilege has caused and continues to cause in American society.
by D.X. DuBois April 25, 2006
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