29 definitions by blazed

this is a breaker freeze where one or both knees are at the elbow that your doing a one handed freeze
airbabys are hard as hell
by blazed December 7, 2004
A backflip while moving forward, usually done off of one foot while running
a gainer is all about getting the balls to do it, its really not that hard.
by blazed December 9, 2004
The legs are also in a "V" shape and this time the legs are thrown around the arms as the bboy is always on his hands, never on the floor.
a flare is specificaly when your legs are spread in a "V"
by blazed December 9, 2004
what you do is a cricket on 1 hand so the other hand behind your back or something and then bounce in a circle.
a jackhammer look impossible
by blazed December 9, 2004
a breaker move like the turtle except you bounce back and fourth from hand to hand instead of just lifting and shifting.
a cricket is alot harder then the turtle
by blazed December 15, 2004
anything done (besides freezes and powermoves) not staning in breakdancing
everyone got their own style of downrock
by blazed December 7, 2004
Its a basketball player, mugsey bogues. Played for the hornets back in the day. Itty bitty nigga too.
by blazed December 1, 2004