165 definitions by blah

A dick in a pussy
We did this: (U) last night.
by blah March 08, 2004
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shes a preppy little biotch
hey, do u know deeanna destedafuck?
yea i do she sucks ass
by blah March 22, 2005
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1.eww it's courtney love

2.what idoits retardedly mistake the talented brody dalle for...
courtney love!!!...close your legs
by blah November 11, 2004
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Often used to describe someone who is awesome, insane, cool, 1337, loveable, sexy, and hates ratsex
OMG OMG dued, yuo are liek, sooooo Cless right now maen!!!
by Blah August 29, 2003
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A person who is in other words an asswad, Has a never ending supply of "milk" and is often reffered to as a SirShankyVonBonGshwatz
Stop being such a SHANKY
by blah May 14, 2003
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Synonym for cool, prominent only in America.
Yeehaw, those bombs cause purdy explosions!
by Blah August 09, 2003
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a non-white dating a white person is known as a daytripper.
She's a daytripper, her sister is a darkrider.
by blah June 09, 2004
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