165 definitions by blah

im da best lova 'round
"my love is like whoa"...der
by blah October 29, 2003
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To phone someone
Rizzle my phizzle my nizzle
by blah August 25, 2003
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What Ann Coulter wears (thank god).
Ann Coulter is one ugly beyatch!
by blah August 26, 2003
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A very horrible person
Grant, is also bakabakashii
by blah March 12, 2003
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a small throwing weapon
blah blah blah
by blah December 09, 2003
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a drug usually slipped in drinks at parties, called the "date-rape drug" because it makes u all fucked up so the dude that slipped it in can rape u n shit
"I slipped a roofie in that bitch's drink and fucked her all night long"
by blah October 27, 2004
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An alias for a kid named Jake in Cisco....He is called this name everytime he walks into the class. It is said in an annoying infantile manner.
Heyyyy ! Jakers is here (in an annoying voice) - Steve
by Blah April 05, 2005
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