A Beautiful girl. She is simply amazing. She is funny, charming, alluring. she is different as you can tell by the name , but this is what makes her so amazing. Her originality, her creativity. Her mind will blow you away , and so will her kisses. She is the one that's worth it. If your friends, be more then friend, regret will be far from your mind. She is a pretty good kisser too (;
Xena is the missing piece of the puzzle, she completes me.
by ALLUREEE November 25, 2011
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a presence that feels like warm rays of sunlight entering through the small slivers of swaying window curtains. She sings in the kitchen, prefers tea over coffee, loves snacks but does not splurge on them unless with friends.

Xena is shy, but once you approach her she talks to you as if you guys have been chatting it up all day in class. You feel welcomed and will get a huge friend crush on them in the first few interactions. Don't miss your chances to hang out with her, because if you show that you actually care about the time you spend with her, she will also express and make actions to hang out with you too.

After a year or so of hanging out, you will see that your texts only consist of asking each other if the other is free to call. Xena will stay up into the late hours of the night just simply because she enjoys talking to you for hours.
A Xena will know all songs. You name an artist and she will know them. You recommend a song? She will in turn recommend a Spotify playlist she has made a few months back with that song in it.

Her laugh is contagious and there will be times where you both will exponentially laugh and wheeze harder just because the other is still laughing. Xena is a rare best friend that is down-to-earth, wholesome, and actually caring. She isn't overbearing, but will actually reach out and try and find solutions for any of your big or small problems. She tries her best and her best is all you need.
me: "Hey Xena, want this piece of candy?"
Xena: "Ya, you want some tea with that?"
by hello-jelly February 20, 2021
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1. Drop-dead gorgeous babe who turned from the ways of evil to become a warrior princess in ancient Greece (televised version), and fought off various sneaky types and CG divinities. Played by Lucy Lawless, who is almost as gorgeous. Fought with a ring-shaped discus weapon and her own considerable wits. Had a girlfriend, Gabrielle, played by Renee O'Connor. You became Xena's lover with the skill of a champion and the luck of the gods, and if you messed her about she'd slice your head off and feed it to the Minotaur.

2. 1500-mile diameter dwarf planet orbiting the Sun at 38 to 98 times Earth's distance every 557 Earth years, accompanied by at least one moon called Gabrielle in honour of the undying couple of the TV series. So named unofficially on their discovery; these objects have since been renamed Eris and Dysnomia, after a Greek goddess and her daughter demon of lawlessness, indicating that the International Astronomical Union has at best a subtle sense of humour.
1. If Xena comes to kill you, consider yourself honoured.

2. It's colder than a polar bear's ass on Xena.
by Fearman May 24, 2008
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Super sexy babe. Never let her go. She's that one person who would do anything for love. If your friends, be more. She's diffidently worth it. She's amazing in bed. Would do anything to you and for you.
by SecretLover1996 December 05, 2010
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The most awesome of all super heroes. The most of everything that is candeh. A kick butt warrior woman from greece who slices people up with her chakram. (verb=chkrm. xenite version of pwn) she's totally better than buffy, superman, batman, and the charmed ones combined. and many more combined. anyone who makes fun of xena, or does not like xena is a loser.
True dat. Xena is really that awesome.
by Arkie deh god November 11, 2008
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The most awesome, funniest, craziest, sexiest, and amazingist person you will ever meet :). You'd would think that she had just drank a couple cans of monster, but really, it's just Xena!!!
When Xena was awake with 4 other guys, 3 minutes later it was only her...
by BallSackBill May 17, 2012
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A really chill girl, isn't fake. Doesn't care if others think she's cool or not. Xena has really great style and beautiful eyes. She likes good friends that care, and would never let them down.
by Mac & Cheeese. November 25, 2010
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