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Never used in examples, other than that of Guy 7, his best friend. Guys 9-12 are in the same circle.
Guy 8: Yo wassup
Guy 7: Nothing, you?
Guy 8: Nah
Guy 12: *chillin*
Guy 13:
by bit125 July 28, 2022
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Guy 1: Just got my ass beat by a Funky Kong.
Guy 2: Ok but what's new?
by bit125 June 18, 2021
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The true meaning of NSFW, as opposed to the commonly known "Not Safe for Work"
Waluigi: Can I have soup?
by bit125 July 3, 2021
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when you try to type Canada but your fingers are off on the keyboard and you instead type it one key to the right.
by bit125 April 25, 2021
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The country between West Korea and East Korea, not to be confused with Central Korea, which is far inferior.
Guy 1: Where are you going on vacation?
Guy 2: W e a s t K o r e a.
Guy 1: W-Where?
Guy 2: Wwweeeeeeaaaaaass-
Guy 1: I got that, but where IS Weast Korea?
Guy 2: Between West and East Korea, dumbass.
*Guy 1 gives up and walks away*
by bit125 December 9, 2020
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