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To call someone a 'scratter' is a serious insult. this type of individul is known for being the lowest and most populated form of class in Britain today. Usually known for their scuzzyness and chav like dress wear. These simple folks unusual vocabulary normal consist of quotes like

- "scuze mate aint got 20p i cud hav for bus, ave ya?"


- "cudnt crash a fag mate?"
homeless, smackheads, chavs ect.
by bill September 02, 2004

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1. Two side projects by three of 5 Dream Theater band members. The band Members are: John Petrucci (Guitar), Mike Portnoy (Drums), Jordan Rudess(Keyboard), and Tony Levin (Bass). Two

2. A total kick ass band that has the best musicians put together.
Did you get the Liquid Tension Experiment CD? It's so bad ass.
by Bill December 28, 2003

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A thin cutlet of veal, usually seasoned, that is dipped in batter and fried.
"Dude! You ate my fucking schnitzel!"
by bill November 20, 2002

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Term used to describe fans of the Boston Red Sox. Fans of the team, whether they live in New England or throughout America or the World are considered members of Red Sox Nation.
All of Red Sox Nation rejoiced when the Red Sox defeated the Yankees to complete the greatest comeback in the history of sport.
by Bill January 19, 2005

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A euphemism for "pubic hairs," itself in this context a euphemistic metonymy for "balls". It is used mostly in expressions such as "to have someone by the short hairs," which is to say "to have someone in a very difficult or hopeless situation," equivalent to "to have someone by the balls."
It was a real Catch 22! They had me by the short hairs, and they knew it.
by bill August 25, 2005

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A woman that weighs in the neighborhood of 250 pounds.
She's at least a deuce, probably a deuce and a half.
by Bill August 19, 2004

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A completely pointless modification done to a car not worth modifying.
1. Look at that fast and the furious spoiler on that Cavalier.

2. Hey, do you hear that fast and the furious exhaust on that Civic?
by bill April 24, 2004

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