11 definitions by bill hinrichsen

the very highest in the three stages of being high ( easy bake, microwave, and dutched out )
dude we shouldnt have smoked that last bong, now im way to dutched out to go to work
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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a way to describe a previous marijuana usage where the smoker was forced to smoke a miniscule amount of bud
i wanted to get all dutched out before school but bob's broke ass only had enough to easy bake
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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moderately high

in beetween the stages of easy baked and dutched out
thanks for catchin me a buzz man, im not fuckin ripped, but at least im pretty microwaved
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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a guy who cant rap and got famous simply on a few good beats
that damn mike jones is so retarded he has to say things seven times in a row
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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when one of your friends puts on music in his car that he already knows you hate
cmon bob you know i think country is faggy so dont phil collins me here
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
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a female, usually of the upper class, who is intelligent, beautiful, and very protective of her vaginal region. This makes it hard for males approaching this woman to get their balls played with; hence the term ball buster
"Sally is such a fucking ball buster, man. Last Saturday i listen to her talk about world peace for four straight hours and didnt even get my johnson played with."
by bill hinrichsen May 02, 2005
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the group of long haired stoners who everyone rips on...

...while in reality everyone really wants to live in the 60's and be a hippie
fuckin a...people care so much nowadays why cant we all just burn some cells and grow our hair out
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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