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oxycontin pills. highly sought out and highly dangerous pain killing pharmacuetical containing oxycodone. on the street, prices can range from $5 for an OC 10 to over $50 for an OC 160.
A bit nervous before his presentation, Jeffrey bumped an OC 20 and went into the class room floating on top of the world.
by bill December 9, 2003
long- legged gramma bloomers worn by a man
"these manties have a life of their own, I think the flowers are gonna sprout buds"
by bill November 3, 2003
The human male member that rests between the thighs. Another name for your crank, rod, penis, cock, dick, scrod, junk, pecker, diggler, meat, goods, wang, prick, schlong, johnson, boner, dong, jimmy, etc.
As the Beastie Boys have said: "My fuckin' BOZAC, y'all!!"
by bill October 28, 2004
noun:A sexual finishing move based out of the standing sixty-nine position where the male, after recieving full pleasurment from the inverted female, proceeds to pile drive her into the ground, rendering her dazed and or unconcious.
Suicide sixty-nine, the easy way to avoid the ackward after sex talk
by bill June 19, 2006
while enjoying your nicely rolled spliff (aka cone of mary jane) the finishing move (splooge) on a girls face with a nice 6-roper
the spliff was burnin fast so i finished that along with the night off with a nice sploof to her dome piece.
by bill June 20, 2006
hey did you see Ms. December in click click, she has a big ol plate in her lip.
by bill February 19, 2004
1. The throne which is held by the greatest basketball player in history i.e. Bashkim "Bill" Rrahmoni
2. A great basketball player
1. Damn, Iverson is so good he might challenge for the King of Cobbs
2. Michael Jordan is a King of Cobbs
by bill May 2, 2004