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A being sent from the bowels of Hell to change the tides of the war between Heaven and Hell, but most likely deciding to just do his/her own thing, and kick some major @$$.
Al Simmons is the best known Hellspawn yet. BOOYA!
by BG April 05, 2004

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Area code for downtown St. Louis...used in many Nelly and St. Lunatics beats...there is no homosexual population...thats just Nick D's gay ass fantasy....
...Just dial 314...
by BG April 28, 2003

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see fag
"You fuckin fun boys!"
by BG May 28, 2004

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An excellent horror acting group based in Broadview Heights, Ohio at the Bloodview haunted house. The house is open for business from mid to late September to early November The group's website is www.legionofterror.com. I suggest you go there if you can.
I am Legion.
by BG April 05, 2004

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Slang for the city of St. Louis, MO
I'm from tha lou and I'm proud
by BG April 28, 2003

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Lack of motor skills and mental coordination due to long hours of aggrivating office work
Katherine expirienced jmajor despite her advanced degree
by bg March 10, 2004

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Kozloduy is a nice little city on the Danube River. But be careful - radiationnnn
Yo man did u know about the Nuclear Power Plant there?
Yea lots of radiation.
by bg March 02, 2005

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