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The people who break down your shitty wall.
GOD DAMN Mongolians!! Thats the last time you gonna break down my shitty wall!
by City Wok Guy November 10, 2003
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1. Technically, a Mongolian is a citizen of Mongolia, whether be of Mongol, Russian, Turkic, Chinese or any other ethnicity. Not to be confused with a Mongol. A Mongol is a person who is of Mongol descent. A Mongol can also be a person who's ancestor was a part of the Mongol Empire. Roughly about 85% of Mongolians (i.e citizens of Mongolia) are Mongols. While most Mongols are Mongolians, not all Mongolians are Mongols. It is very common that these two terms are often used interchangeably by most people in the west and even by the Mongolians themselves. But nobody seems to notice and gives a crap about it.

2. A language spoken by ethnic Mongols in Mongolia, northern China, southern Russia and some parts of Turkic world. It is the main language of Mongolic language family which, along with Turkic and Tungusic languages, belongs to a much broader Altaic language family that is spoken throughout Eurasia.

3. And anything (items, places etc) from Mongolia, I couldn't be bothered to write down, since it's too obvious.
1. "I am a Mongolian, because I hold a Mongolian passport and officially a citizen of Mongolia."

"I can call myself a Mongol, but I'm a Pakistani; my ancestors served in the Mongol empire and later in the Mughal empire."

2. "I speak Mongolian with Khalkha dialect that is the official language of Mongolia."

"The Chakhar dialect that is commonly spoken in rural areas of Inner Mongolia sounds nothing like Khalkha dialect to the foreigners."

3. "Ulaanbaatar is the Mongolian capital city."

"Chinggis Khaan is more than just a Mongolian national hero to Mongolians, he's viewed more as a father of all Mongols and Mongolians altogether."

"That's a Mongolian souvenir; bought it in Mongolia."
by Yaqub October 24, 2007
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A non-sensetive race to peoples wall building needs
by kimmy booth June 01, 2005
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shitty wall tearing people who have no life but to fuck the chinese in every way posible
GOD DAMN MONGOLIANS. God dammit, why do every time chinese people try to build up a wall, mongolian people have to come and nock it down!
by 1337peeper September 01, 2005
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People from the country of Mongolia. Also a language. Don't ask me if they're considered Cenrtal Asian or not because I don't know.
I'm Mongolian because my father is from Mongolia.
by Milliloute September 08, 2007
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A person who's ethnicity isn't obvious, but some sort of Asian background is apparent in their features. They often subject people to random acts of terror when they are confined in metropolis areas. They like horses, cold weather and to eat people on a as needed basis.
That chick just threw a chair for no apparent reason. Typical Mongolians.
by Shannon92024 November 08, 2010
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