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Term for a mentally retarded person. This used to be used to denote people with Down's Syndrome, and now is just generally derogatory.
That Matt Cancian is a real mongoloid. What an idiot!
by J Train April 17, 2005
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
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(n.) Someone from southern or eastern asia according to a now obsolete racial classification. The name is given, probably as a result of genghis khan's mongol empire, which saw mongols breed with the natives of most asian races/tribes. The key factors in deciding whether a skull is mongoloid or not lie in the eyes and nose.
Most Chinese, Japanese and Koreans were once called 'mongoloid'.

by kung-fu jesus September 07, 2004
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A term used to describe the people of East Asia, that is no longer considered politically correct in general usage, but is still used by anthropologists. It derives from the mistaken belief that the East Asian racial type originated in Mongolia.
Some experts classify Native Americans as Mongoloid while others classify them as a separate race.
by weblurker March 06, 2007
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A race of people who inhabit East Asia and parts of Southeast Asia and Central Asia. In addition, some scientists classify American Indians as members of the greater Mongoloid race due to the fact that their ancestors came from Asia thousands of years ago.

Typical of members of the Mongoloid race are straight black hair, charcoal black eyes, a short, roundish face, a low nose bridge, high cheekbones and epicanthal fodes that give the appearance of "slanted" eyes.

by Mplad February 03, 2007
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A large, inproportional creature with arms that hang down past its knees. It's legs are long and it's body is short and fat. It also has a major case of retardation. It usually is found in scoutcraft
Mort: hey guys, have you seen the mongoloid?
Skinny Pete: yea I saw that beast in scoutcraft
by Claytard February 08, 2017
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The term "Mongoloid" is a racial category used to describe people of East Asian origin. Its use originated from a variation of the word "Mongol", a people who are considered one of the main proto-populations for the race. The classification is primarily useful when studying human prehistory, and in forensic analysis of human remains, in which "Mongoloid" denotes a particular racial skull type. "Larger brain, larger braincase, broader skull, broader face, flat roof of the nose, inner eye fold, more protuberant eyes, lack of brow ridges, greater delicacy of bones, shallow mandibular fossa, small mastoid processes, stocky build, persistence of thymus gland into adult life, persistence of juvenile form of zygomatic muscle, persistence of juvenile form of superior lip muscle, later eruption of full dentition (except second and third molars), less hairy, fewer sweat glands, fewer hairs per square centimeter and long torso" "Mongoloid subjects were found to have approximately 20% higher bone density at the angle of mandible than Caucasoid subjects
Mongoloid race are very smart people, fact the smartest people. And others are so insecure, so they made up an medical word opposing it, and desperately trying to hide the meanings of it.
by Kublai Khan Kuo March 05, 2009
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