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A rather rough and calloused appearence to the palm of the hand, gained though too much "Trumpet Polishing".
That's a right lovely pair of Mariner's Hands you've got there Dad!
by Benjim May 19, 2003
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A lovely warm toasty fire emenating from a recently crashed and burned out Nissan Micra on a patch of waste ground in Benwell.
"Oh darling, do let's have a Benwell Barbeque tonight!"
by benjim April 25, 2003
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From the acronym "TWOC", an activity normally performed by charvers from Elswick or other west end places in Newcastle. Namely the removal of a motor vehicle, a chase around Newcastle then dump it and burn it out in Gateshead.
I'm a fukkin twocka yu fukka!
by benjim April 25, 2003
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Abbreviation for aRe yoU Gay?
<camp-user> Hiya darlin!
<user> RUG?
by Benjim June 17, 2004
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