The best car to ever exist (especially the K12 2003-2010 version). Only those who have never driven it talk shit about this masterpiece. It is like the God himself built this car because you can't even theoretically crash in it (because it is slow). But, c'mon, what do you expect from a tiny car? Sadly, there were no Nissan Micra GT-R produced.
Dude, I jut got overtaken by that Nissan Micra. What a chad drives it. I wish I were as cool as he is
by I_Own_Nissan_Micra_GTR December 8, 2022
Also known by the name, Nissan March, in New Zealand, this small car is often at the butt of jokes, due to it's slow speeds.

This car is used in Micra - The Game, where the idea is to compete against other members in the cars to spot more Micras than anyone else.

Car made famous by Retail Store Managers in Eastern England.
Nissan Micra - It makes the Ford Focus look like a luxury car.
by thewoundedwanderer September 13, 2009
A car that just about every elderly person has driven at some point in their life. Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy a Nissan Micra if you want all your friends to love you forever and you still want to get laid.
My grandmother drives a Nissan Micra. It's a piece of garbage.
by thecargeek09 July 5, 2017
the micra is often described as the worst car to ever exist. there main uses are to make every other car look good and often to be a toilet although even tho they are everywhere, they're never around wen u need a slash.
lad A-mate im bursting for a slash!
lad B-theres a Nissan micra over there, go do the honourable thing.
lad A-thank god ive been looking for one for ages!!
by johnny oooooo September 27, 2010