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The male so-called "G-Spot". The linguistics of this word derive from the combination of two words: man and clitoris, thus defining the male clitoris, located on the prostate by way of the tradesman's entrance, the back passage, the rear driveway, or even the rectum, if you will.
Pigman slowly eased his turgid member into Madmike's anal opening, immediately pressing upon his manoris and giving Madmike the best orgasm he'd had since the great post-a-picture related mass-banning of 2004.
by becy July 03, 2005
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When a gay man is in a long-term stable relationship with a partner, yet keeps a bit on the side, the bit on the side is termed the masteress. In principle, it is the same as a straight man having a mistress.
Mike was going out with Tom, but he kept Dimi as a masteress on the side.
by becy August 11, 2005
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A half-man half-woman with a tiny penis and a pus-oozing vagina for a mouth, a trAse hangs around primary schools flashing his wizened deformed nipples at the kiddies on sport days when he can masturbate to the sight of them playing Scarecrow Tiggy
Tom is such a trAse, I despair of him ever getting laid.
by becy June 24, 2004
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A name used to indicate the highest form of gorgeousisity in a female, coupled with an excellent almost dare i say pudry-like sense of humour.
That chick is so damn swishfish!
by becy June 25, 2004
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To be in the position of not being able to make up your mind whether or not to cut off your hippy nit-infested dreads
Kid haevered back and forth, but stopped short of actually decided to lop off his locks
by becy June 23, 2004
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An adorable creature with the hospitality of a hobbit on ecstasy and the face of a Miss Middle Earth elf, breakme has an obsession with piercings, and given enough encouragement (ie bongs) will show you them all!
erin is such a breakme, i love her!
by becy June 25, 2004
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A marathon competition whereby two contenders for the Queer Crown compete in the artistic field of general thread, chat and forum gayness - please note, if using a Gayatron to measure the gayness be sure to calibrate it correctly
After a huge Gayathon, silvaside was declared King of the Fags
by becy June 25, 2004
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