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Stands for "If you know what I mean" Very useful when constructing internet double entendres
Ohhhh i think you can get it harder than that sonny... iYKwIM ;)
by becy October 18, 2005

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A feared and dreadful disease, also known as onewenis.
Very often, a seemingly mild case of onegina can develop into a more chronic, and sometimes even lifetime condition. The only cure for that strain of onegina is death - yours or hers. Do you want to live with a debilitating illness??? God no!
Better to be single and go around fucking all the randoms you secretly wish you were fucking, and not allow this sneaky opportunistic illness take hold and ruin your life.
Unfortunately there is no way to vaccinate for onegina at the moment, although many of the world's greatest thinkers and visionaries are working on the problem as we speak - their greatest efforts so far concentrated on fizzy sweet alcohol drinks like Bacardi Breezers, otherwise known as "Leg-Openers", and guaranteed to put an illicit sexual event with a questionable whore on your calendar.
All I can say in warning, is be ever vigilant to the symptoms of onegina, which are enumerated as follows:
1. An amazingly huge amount of softcock thoughts and deeds
2. A constant look of contempt on your friends' faces when they talk to you
3. An appreciation for gay shit like "going out for dinner" or "taking in a movie" or at its worst, "a quiet one at home with the missus"
4. A general unwillingness to be awesome
By the time you get to the crucial endstages of onegina and manifest symptoms like "Going shopping with the missus for shoes" its probably too late - and the only way out is as quick and painless a suicide as possible.
Will Tom be coming out to get smashed tonight? no he won't. He's got onegina the poor cunt, and his days are numbered and his freedom ended.
by becy May 03, 2005

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An idiot whose idiotry is so far advanced and firmly entrenched that they may as well be a walking dildo
Damn, that lalaland is a dildiot, he has no idea
by becy August 07, 2004

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To be so incredibly stoned that your eyes get really pinkish red and get very slitty and closed up so that with your eyelashes all around the edges, it looks like you've got two cunts on your face; hence the term "cunt-eyed"
Oh man you should have seen me last weekend. I got totally fucken cunteyed!
by becy September 13, 2005

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An act that is not only cunt-like, but somehow, ineffably goes against all the principles of mateship that we currently abide by. It implies a selfish inconsideration of others, and perhaps.... yes, an active ill-will in some cases. When uttered, "cunt-act" (or "cunts-act") is often accompanied by a mournful shake of the head.
Yo, trAse, taking the last beer was a fucking cunt-act and you know it :grr:
by becy December 27, 2004

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A masterful move in which the outgayer, becomes far more gay and faggot-like than the previous holder of the Queer Crown
trAse has totally outgayed himself and i give him the gay mans choice award in the field of artistic gay endeavour. If i was a Gayatron my reading would be right off the charts. If this was a Gayathon he would have racked up the most gayish sponsorship on his gayphone in the history of gaiety.
by becy June 25, 2004

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A particularly nasty case of syphilis, usually localised to the gooch which will never clear up
He's got a face like a silvaside and smells twice as bad
by becy June 23, 2004

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