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People who are afraid of exposing themselves to ridicule if they comment with their real names (or known avatar name) will chicken out and respond as "Anonymous". Taken as a group, they're all just a bunch of anonymice.
by beansforbreakfast July 8, 2019
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Something visually boring - to the point of your eyes losing focus - that numbs your brain.
A sermon from dad elicits the "in one ear and out the other" response while a friend's boring home movie gets an "in one eye and out the other" reaction.
by beansforbreakfast January 15, 2020
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While your body grows taller and bigger from childhood on your head remains the size of a preteen.
Poor Ivanka Trump! She has the body of a woman but the head the size of a child. If this condition doesn't already have a name then let's call it the Ivanka Head Syndrome in her honor.
by beansforbreakfast July 14, 2019
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A galoon is a gallon of the cheapest wine which means it is usually made from the residue of other wine pressings.
On the weekends we boys in the navy got drunk on a galoon of pink wine each cause it was cheap and fun to say - let's get ourselves a galoooooon of wine!
by beansforbreakfast July 28, 2019
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Donald J Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is unquestionably the most famous, active and talked about Twitter user ever. He is the boss! Numero uno! The greatest of all time! Let him forever be known and celebrated as Boss Tweet!!
Late 19th century New York City had as their mayor the prominent figure of political corruption one Boss Tweed. It is now the early 21 century and there is a new prominent political figure blessed with questionable morals, immense bluster, itchy twitter fingers and an insatiable need to be flattered that some are beginning to call Boss Tweet.
by beansforbreakfast December 18, 2019
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Tedium ad nauseam is the deathly boring combination of tedium (Latin for boredom) and ad nauseam (another Latin term used when something has been covered, explained, or talked about to the point of nausea ).
Cub reporter Gwyneth experienced a severe case of tedium ad nauseam when she was assigned by her newspaper to cover the speeches of Senator Harley "Windbag" Bottomsworth.
by beansforbreakfast July 20, 2019
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Malicious Russian bots most likely originating from the Kremlin.
The Democratic Party's entire computer system has been sabotaged by krembots!
by beansforbreakfast July 9, 2019
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