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Derisive term for someone who believes in the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory. The original meaning was directed at people who are poor at chemistry. The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory holds that government planes are either seeding clouds to counter global warming or spraying mind-altering or health-altering chemical substances on unsuspecting populations around the world. Chemtards believe plane contrails (condensation ice crystal trails) are actually "chemtrails" (chemical trails), hence the name.
Chemtards are predominantly American, white, racist, scientifically illiterate defeated Republicans who hold President Obama responsible for applying the directives of the New World Order. They also believe in Planet Nibiru.
by baracine June 12, 2009
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An American Southern peasant expression used to prod a workmate to complete a task in a timely manner. It was first used outside a farm field in the 1934 King Vidor Depression-era back-to-nature epic "Our Daily Bread" in the mouth of one of the field workers on an irrigation project relaying the order to let the reservoir water through the irrigation ditch in the last scene of the film.

It also has obvious sexual connotations, whether referring to the job of leading a bull to mount a cow or a man's marital duty.

The expression was made extremely popular by US country/blue-collar comedian Larry The Cable Guy (circa 2003) as the epitome of everything down home vulgar and redneck.
First worker: Let the water through!
Second worker: Go, go, go!
Third worker: Let'er rip!
Fourth worker: Do it now!
Fifth worker: Get'er done!
by baracine June 04, 2009
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A voiceover recording technique used in documentaries on A&E and the History Channel, in which the voiceover artist imitates the presumed foreign accent of the on-screen person whose words he or she is simultaneously translating. This is racist as well as demeaning and insulting to the person depicted, as much as to the voiceover artist.

1. It assumes that the person speaking would only speak English with a thick "foreign" accent if he or she spoke English at all.
2. It assumes that the viewer, besides being too dumb to read subtitles, is also too dumb to guess the nationality or ethnic origin of the speaker.
3. It assumes that the language spoken is so exotic no English-speaking translator could be found to translate it.
4. It tends to show all foreigners (i.e. non-English speaking individuals) as quaint and ignorant.
I was actually enjoying that documentary until they started with the racist voiceover.
by baracine April 27, 2010
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Fear music is the collective name given to the ominous incidental music that is increasingly found in every facet of modern mass media. It is said of any electronically-driven low-bass incidental music of action, horror or suspense films and primetime TV shows about crime, murder and dismemberment, of some commercials and even of pseudo-documentaries appearing on the History Channel about any subject of a violent, mysterious or speculative nature (Nostradamus, end of times prophecies, Da Vinci, Hitler and other evil historical figures, ancient torture devices, the antichrist, natural disasters, war, terrorism, disease, etc.).

In dramas, it often drowns out dialogues and announces the violent content to follow. In pseudo-documentaries, it often accompanies ominous disclaimers such as “although nobody knows for certain” and “the viewer is free to draw his own conclusions”. It is often satirized in comedy shows making fun of bad movies such as the “Scary Movie” series or The Onion.

Critics see it as “the new soundtrack of America” and indicative of the present anxious mood of the US. It is also criticized as hack work using lazy musical clichés, cheap electronic or percussive effects and low-frequency vibrations designed to give the listener the creeps while rattling his dental fillings, without ever resorting to true musical invention. Its use and development have been variously credited to James Horner and other second rate film composers.
When I heard the fear music coming from the living room, I first assumed my wife was watching the History Channel. But it turns out she was just watching an infomercial about an insect repellent.

I’m surprised “Film Score Monthly” didn’t do a cover story on fear music yet.
by baracine April 27, 2010
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Verb. A new Internet term that means:

1. to act, talk or write like a blowhard;

2. to talk like a Republican politician.

The word is an amalgam of "(to) blowhard" and "to obviate".
When Glenn Beck is not simply bloviating through any issue he fails to understand, he is issuing clear directives to his Tea Bagger fans to overthrow the government by force, if necessary.

Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, bloviate.

CNN's Rick Sanchez thinks he has dicovered the word "bloviate", but he has absolutely no idea what it means. It's a rare example of a bloviator bloviating about "bloviate".
by baracine September 29, 2010
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