Top definition is being used for governmental purposes. The government is finding out ways to control us, and is trying to figure out our language via urbandictionary. Please, listen to me, im from the future where every---

Dear Urbandictionary users, it is the best intention to ensure the safety of its people. Area 61 is not real, nor has never been. The government is not using urbandictionary as a resource for population control.

With regards, The Central Intelligence Agency.
by Not Zane September 17, 2004
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The time between Christโ€™s birth and the beginning of the coronavirus.
In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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The result long term cannabis usage has on thought process. Thefoer anything that is most likely true, changes to being a cover up or having a 'hidden agenda'. Usually spouted by douches on the popular video sharing site Youtube. These people make their videos and then of course, the truth is uncovered. Hey, its on youtube, it must be true!
You know that September 11th is a Conspiracy theory. Thousands of hours of video recordings showing what the government want you to see, but I have found just 10 seconds that show the real truth. Smoke the spliff and see!
by Prof.Capt.Maninjamica. April 13, 2010
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A generally unsubstantiated claim - generally based on what is called an argument from ignorance, linking completely unrelated things, etc - that is usually considered to be against the well-being of the demographic of the conspiracy theorist. Almost always pushed by scientifically illiterate people, religious fundamentalists, the uneducated or misinformed, and - always - the paranoid.
"The government did 9/11! Jews control all of the banks as part of the Illuminati! NWO NWO NWO CHEMTRAILS!"

"You're a moron with this conspiracy theory nonsense. The 'Illuminati,' and 'NWO,' for that matter, have been conspiracy theories for well over a century. People were just as alarmist then as you nuts are now. And we're in some totalitarian unfree state now where you.. oh, have the freedom to express these nutjob hypotheses of yours?"
by adym smew April 10, 2010
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Something people make up to make themselves feel like they know something others don't. Usually these made up stories are baseless, illogical conclusions. Most conspiracy theories are made up by douches, and believed by morons.

Not all conspiracy theories are false, however nearly all of them are.

It is also not uncommon for jackasses to make a show dedicated to conspiracy theories, for example The Glenn Beck show, or Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura.

It is a well-known fact by people who aren't idiots, that any show that contains a series of Conspiracy theories is going to have the majority of them wrong, if not all.
Guy1: I heard a conspiracy theory that the world is going to end in 2012, that is if Obama and George Soros don't destroy the world first!!!

Guy2: What are you talking about? How do you know any of what you're saying is true?

Guy1: I heard some guy on T.V. talking about it bro

Guy2: Have you thought about it and questioned the stupidity of these claims at all?

Guy1: Oh no! You must be an Islamic alien sent to earth by George Bush to cover up the real people behind 9/11!! You're just trying to brainwash meeeee
by Snax110 March 07, 2011
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What is created when a internet addicted asshole feels the need to make himself feel unique.

A reaction of a genetic predesposition for neurotic tendencies, paranoia, and plain old idiocy.

The theorys that make acutal anti-goverment work that makes sense, and has factual backround look ridiculous.
Conspiracy Theory
Alex Jones: Think about it, why does George Bush never talk about his asshole during his speaches, he finds it perfectly reasonable to talk about countries on the other side of the world and yet not about the thing 2 and a half feet from his monkey esque mouth, and I'll tell you why logically speaking as a reporter you can only come to the conclusion that his asshole is a magical space wizard with plans of global domination.
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 27, 2006
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Conspiracy theories are usually bogus theories dreamt up by wide-eyed madmen in order to explain the unexplainable, make possible the impossible and dupe the dupes.

The most widespread conspiracy theory - so far - of the early part of the 21-st century was the one concerning the existence or non-existence of WMD(Weapons of Mass Destruction) in Iraq and the dread intent of Iraq to use these weapons to launch a devastating attack on Israel , the UK and possibly Cyprus.

This theory was first floated in Washington by a group of cranks calling themselves neo-conservatives and quickly spread like a contagion throughout most of the UK and the US.

However , most other countries of the world were immune to this contagion and treated it with skepticism.

Driven on by belief in their theory the devotees of it in the UK and US went on to attack and occupy Iraq in an attempt to eradicate these WMD.

However these weapons turned out to be nothing more than a brain-fever which had no more credibility or basis in fact than a Donald Rumsfeld speech.
The idea that the invasion of Iraq was about oil is no more than a conspiracy-theory. (Still said by some even after 8.8 billion dollars of post-invasion Iraqi oil revenues were
reported missing in a report by US General Stuart Bowen to the US congress in January 2005. )
by sam1967 February 15, 2005
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