Top definition is being used for governmental purposes. The government is finding out ways to control us, and is trying to figure out our language via urbandictionary. Please, listen to me, im from the future where every---

Dear Urbandictionary users, it is the best intention to ensure the safety of its people. Area 61 is not real, nor has never been. The government is not using urbandictionary as a resource for population control.

With regards, The Central Intelligence Agency.
by Not Zane September 17, 2004
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1) Designation assigned by corporate media to any idea divergent of government script.

2) Results from careful and unbiased analysis of the facts and circumstances surrounding a high profile event, proving an agenda is/was in motion.

3) So called ‘conspiracy theorists’ preferred to be called ‘agenda analysts’ or simply thinkers.
>>Friendly Neighbor<<: I’m 99% sure your house is on fire. You should leave.
>>Home Owner<<: Leave? If I don’t marinate in the glow of my TV for at least six hours every night, I have no chance at happiness. So no, you leave. Get the hell out of here!
>>Neighbor<<: Please sir, there are flames shooting out from all your windows and a dark cloud of smoke halos your house, which clearly and strongly suggests your house is on fire and your family should evacuate.
>>Owner<<: No. No. I can’t believe that so you must be wrong. To settle this I will call the mainstream media to verify.
>>Neighbor<<: Sir, seeing has to be believing. I beg you to please just look at the evidence and decide for yourself. Your family is in danger.
>>Owner<<: Hold on, I’m on the phone. - Yes, hello kind sexy professional expert media personality. My neighbor claims my house is on fire. I think he is being too negative.
>>Media Personality<<: OK, calm down. One question. Is your house a steel frame structure?
>>Owner<<: No, just wood and insulation.
>>Media<<: Well then, you have nothing to fear. Fire doesn’t melt wood, it only melts steel and concrete, like on 9-11. Lumber igniting is just some wild conspiracy theory. You are smart to distrust your neighbors and loved ones. He’s probably trying to rob you. Just get back to watching your ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns and buy the advertised products. (hangs up)
>>Owner<<: Look a-hole, you need to be more positive. Stop being a nutbag. There is no such thing as a house fire. (slams door, fire collapses house neatly into its own footprint at the speed of gravity killing him and his entire family)


“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories regarding the attacks of September 11” - President George W. Bush, at the 56th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, November 10, 2001, New York
by SpeakUpFightBack May 01, 2009
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A label that can be affixed to any argument or point that one doesn't like to avoid having to provide a valid response to it. Much like "that's just your opinion", "I don't actually care" and "I was joking", this card is frequently played by the debater who has been outwitted and defeated, but thinks if he doesn't directly admit it, he still might be seen as the overall winner. This remains a powerful tactic though, due to the extremely negative connotation of the term "conspiracy theory", given to it by people who think it's impossible that anyone would ever do something that's not good for us then cover it up, so insisting something is a conspiracy theory is still an alarmingly effective way of getting people to side with the person without a point, regardless of how little sense calling it a conspiracy theory actually makes. Remember, labels are powerful things and can easily affect what people perceive something as actually being.

(Not to be confused with the more traditional meaning of the belief that a secret group would perform an extremely complicated operation that's of no benefit to anyone and somehow keep it all secret. These are usually more worthy of derision. Usually.)
Use of it in this sense:
"It's unbelievable the manufacturer used these cheaper materials in this product. I guess they'll do whatever they can to make a few more bucks."
"Ha, yeah, right, it's all a big conspiracy. Of course."
"Anyone with sense knows that corporations always do what's best for us. Go write a blog and leave your conspiracy theory there, nutjob."

The reason it works:
"The Pazzi conspiracy was an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Medici in Florence in the 15th century."
"That's impossible, it has the word 'conspiracy' right in it!"
"It's a well-documented historical event. It's a conspiracy that actually happened, it's not like denying the moon landing."
"Bullshit, conspiracies aren't real! It's a made up thing just like unicorns and evolution!"
by Utix July 23, 2012
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The result long term cannabis usage has on thought process. Thefoer anything that is most likely true, changes to being a cover up or having a 'hidden agenda'. Usually spouted by douches on the popular video sharing site Youtube. These people make their videos and then of course, the truth is uncovered. Hey, its on youtube, it must be true!
You know that September 11th is a Conspiracy theory. Thousands of hours of video recordings showing what the government want you to see, but I have found just 10 seconds that show the real truth. Smoke the spliff and see!
by Prof.Capt.Maninjamica. April 13, 2010
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A generally unsubstantiated claim - generally based on what is called an argument from ignorance, linking completely unrelated things, etc - that is usually considered to be against the well-being of the demographic of the conspiracy theorist. Almost always pushed by scientifically illiterate people, religious fundamentalists, the uneducated or misinformed, and - always - the paranoid.
"The government did 9/11! Jews control all of the banks as part of the Illuminati! NWO NWO NWO CHEMTRAILS!"

"You're a moron with this conspiracy theory nonsense. The 'Illuminati,' and 'NWO,' for that matter, have been conspiracy theories for well over a century. People were just as alarmist then as you nuts are now. And we're in some totalitarian unfree state now where you.. oh, have the freedom to express these nutjob hypotheses of yours?"
by adym smew April 10, 2010
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two words which are uttered whenever anyone is getting too close to the truth

this renders said person null and void and gives said person the appearance of a paranoid twat with a tinfoil hat regardless of what facts or evidence or actual proof they have

these two little words conspiracy theory have a magical effect similar to:

"there is no such thing as the occult,the occult doesn't exist,
you don't need to see any identification,these aren't the droids you are looking for,you can go about your business,move along"
Remember your history books are all true until you find something in them you're not supposed to talk about.Then you will be rendered a paranoid schizophrenic by the utterence of the two magical words "conspiracy theory"
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A term popularised to describe the notion of a party orchestrating the outcome of events. Dramatised to serve as a distraction to believing it.
Thinker - "swine flu? It wouldn't surprise me if that was brought about by the pharmaceutical companies, they are pretty much the most profiting evillest companies on the planet.. I entertain the idea that much of the world stocks of tamiflu (the drug governments stock in case of a pandemic) were about to expire and they were considering not renewing it. The pharmaceutical industry released swine flu into the public knowing it wouldn't do too much more damage than the regular flu, but would fear the mass markets into renewing supplies of tamiflu, earning them billions and billions."

believer - "nawhhh man thats just some conspiracy theory i saw a bunch of them on the tv about 911, you should watch some more tv, drink a cocacola and eat some more pizza"
by larri December 19, 2009
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