Urbandictionary.com is being used for governmental purposes. The government is finding out ways to control us, and is trying to figure out our language via urbandictionary. Please, listen to me, im from the future where every---

Dear Urbandictionary users, it is the best intention to ensure the safety of its people. Area 61 is not real, nor has never been. The government is not using urbandictionary as a resource for population control.

With regards, The Central Intelligence Agency.
by Not Zane September 18, 2004
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The new SPOILER ALERT. After the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic where the majority of the theories deemed to be conspiracy actually happened or were proven to be true, the word got its new meaning since those theories being called "conspiracy theory" will probably happen a couple of months later.
Conspiracy theory (SPOILER ALERT): We will have vaccine passports

Conspiracy theory (SPOILER ALERT): The virus was lab-made

Conspiracy theory (SPOILER ALERT): Vaccinated people will still get infected and be able to spread the virus
by J B10 January 11, 2022
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What is created when a internet addicted asshole feels the need to make himself feel unique.

A reaction of a genetic predesposition for neurotic tendencies, paranoia, and plain old idiocy.

The theorys that make acutal anti-goverment work that makes sense, and has factual backround look ridiculous.
Conspiracy Theory
Alex Jones: Think about it, why does George Bush never talk about his asshole during his speaches, he finds it perfectly reasonable to talk about countries on the other side of the world and yet not about the thing 2 and a half feet from his monkey esque mouth, and I'll tell you why logically speaking as a reporter you can only come to the conclusion that his asshole is a magical space wizard with plans of global domination.
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 27, 2006
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If people are unemployed, they make up a conspiracy theory that's insane and the "truth", never mind that it makes no sense. This will give them attention, and if they get lucky, they'll get payed to write a book about their theory, making them some money to pay their electric bills.
The illuminati controlls us all!

by Bas April 8, 2005
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I will point at Metal Gear Solid 3 and say "pretty much that".

Anyone who doesnt trust the governmet will make up bullshit storis because they are too lazy to look up facts like these on, for example, the JFK assassination.
1. There is no such thing as a magic bullet.
2. There were 3 shots fired that day: 1. missed 2. got kennedy through the chest/throat and would have been fatal if the next shot had not been fired 3. The infamous headshot

There are theories that there was a second gunman, or that the bullet made an S curve to hit both kennedy and the governor of texas, when in fact a recent Discovery Channel special shows the following:

1. The governors seat in the front of the car was 6 inches in and 3 inches down from the seat where Kennedy was sitting, eliminating the magic bullet theory.
2. The second shot mentioned above entered through the tough muscle near the neck and shoulder, penetrated the seat and went through the governors seat and torso, exited through his chest and sturck his wrist and exited, glancing off the bone and finally stopping in the Texas Governors theigh.

3. The Discovery channel special used the $12.75 Italian Mannlischer rifle in .30 caliber period ammunition from an elevation and angle identical to Lee Harvey Oswalds position and turned up almost identical results to what has been tested and video taped.

So, for the last fucking time, STOP with the JFK theories and do something productive.
by Cartmaniac June 24, 2009
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Conspiracy Theory: the fictitious explanation involving mysterious and vague "powers" that are tied to the failures of those afflicted with the delusion. This shifting of blame provides an emotional fulfillment that explains their own failings without requiring difficult introspection and self-assessment. Depending on degree of delusion, it can encompass a secretive plot that includes pretty much everyone that the subject considers adversaries, even on a global scale.

It is an especially pernicious affliction from a clinical standpoint since the arguments are airtight. Every piece of evidence against it will be viewed as an attempt to "misinform the public", and the lack of evidence for it is viewed as a government cover-up since nothing can constitute evidence that the conspiracy is fictitious.

At best, you'll always fail to sway the subject but you can help innoculate others through reason in dialogues and debates, such as the problem of scaling." The Moon landing was a hoax conspiracy, for instance, would requite tens of thousands of co-conspirators who have kept silent through the decades.

Some popular delusions of this variety:

Big Pharma is poisoning our children!
Evolution is a secular plot to take God out of the classroom!
The Moon landing was faked!
Climate change is a hoax to subvert freedom lovers under UN dominion!
Obama's birth certificate is a fraud because he was born in Kenya!
The Sandy Hook massacre was staged by the government to round up our guns!
His conspiracy theory was that lizard-headed alien overlords are responsible for our concern about global warming and no evidence could possibly demonstrate otherwise because he insisted it came from the "overlords" themselves.
by Essar March 7, 2019
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Quite literally anything that is not directly given to you by the (((approved))) sources online.

Posting about demographics? Conspiracy theorist.
Posting about the rise of anti-white bigotry? Conspiracy theorist.
Posting about the systemic privilege that African Americans and Jews benefit off of in western society? Conspiracy theorist.
Posting about the obvious irregularities and discontinuities during the 2020 election? Conspiracy theorist.
Posting about how CRT is being taught to your children with the intent to push cultural Marxism onto the innocent? Conspiracy theory

I could go on, but I have to get back to work. Conspiracy theories become more valid the more outrage from the far-left mainstream media they receive.
Teacher: "Okey kool kids klass, 2dey we guna luwrn abawt da huite supreeeemists nigga dat killed niggas 1 n 2."
Nigga 4: "Ayo muh nigga but dey got killed by a nigga."
Teacher: "Yee, a huite supreeeemists nigga."
Nigga 4: "A'ite."

Enter Moshe Schnozenstein-Sheckelgrabber
Moshe Schnozenstein-Sheckelgrabber: "I heard that there was a conspiracy theory here!"
Nigga 5: Yee, nigga 3 killed niggas 1 and 2.
Moshe Schnozenstein-Sheckelgrabber: Niggas 1 and 2 were killed by a white supremacist nigga, understand?
Nigga 5: Yis
by ChigginNiggers November 16, 2021
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