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A person of such good looks the first time I saw a The Academy Is... video,I walked into a wall,triped over a chair,screamed,spontaneous combusted,fainted,had a heart attack,killed my pet rock and bit my tongue.
At the same time.
Also,the only man who can rival Davey Havok on terms of "male person preetier than you".
Look at his hair for fucks sake!
Look at his BUTT...
EmoBoy:"WOAH,that chick in The Academy Is...is hot!Hell yeah I'd fuck her"
EmoBoy2:"You dumbass,that's William Beckett,he's a DUDE,and...why are you looking at me like that...get away from me...AHHHHH!!!"
by bandanasrerad September 04, 2006

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1.An awful newspaper with bad,bad jounalism.
It supported the nazis (no joke),is anti-abortion,anti-imigration,racist and homophobic.
Only last week it attacked My Chemical Romance and other such emo bands in a manner reminiscent of post-Columbine articles about Marylin Manson.The aricle claimed the band promote self harm and warned parents about the "dangerous" emo cult. Incredibly,it also caled Green Day emo.
In short,if The Daily Mail had it's way all teenagers would be locked up,the BNP would rule the country and we'd all wear swastikas.
2.A story made up of unbelievable lies is often reffered to as "Daily Mail-esqe"
" The internet has many sites dedicated to Emo fashion (dyed black hair brushed over your face, layering, black, black, black), Emo bands (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), Emo conversation (sighing, wailing, poetry)."

"The courting of misery and death is a long-established teenage tradition. How many bedroom walls have been plastered with posters of drippy pre-Raphaelite heroines, or Marc Bolan or Kurt Cobain?"

"But compared to the music, the poetry is positively cheerful. The Gothic bands have names such as Bloody, Dead And Sexy or Colder Than Death."

Qoutes from The Daily Mail.
2."And then the black guy stole my baby and the gay man shot my husband and then the emo kid commited suicide right there in front of me!"
"Are you from The Daily Mil?"

by bandanasrerad August 31, 2006

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Edward Scissorhands little brother.
Just as cute,a hopeless romantic and blessed with a voice that makes me want to fuck.
Robert Smith: The Other Viagra
by bandanasrerad August 27, 2006

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What Emos' have,only backwards.
"Woah,look at the emo kids' reverse mullet!"
by bandanasrerad August 28, 2006

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Really Awesome Band.I Can't Believe I'm The First Person To Comment On Them. *Punches Keyboard*
They're From Dakota,What More Do You WanT?
Also,They BLow Fall Out Boy AWAAAY!
Take THAT Pete Wentz!
Spill Canvas:
Sunsets and Car Crashes

Spill Canvas:
One Fell Swoop
by bandanasrerad August 22, 2006

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My favorate band.
Pushing the bounds of music like none other.
They feel my pain,man.
Similar to Simple Plan,Alkaline Trio.
They're going to be HUGE.
Cry tonight. My hands around your hands.
I won't let you die tonight.
Cry tonight. My heart's in your hands.
I won't let you...

Hearts That Hate.
by bandanasrerad September 04, 2006

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The most blatant attempt to cash in on "alternative" teen culture since Avril Lavinge.
Betty Curse is to to goth what Avril is to punk. Oh,yes...she's that bad.
"Oh,look,it's Betty Curse"
"Pshh..Amy Lee wannabee"
by bandanasrerad August 30, 2006

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