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The ULTIMATE come back to parents/Grandmother/Aid-worker moaning that there are people in the world starving and you won't eat all of your dinner.
Grandma: "Eat all your dinner! You're lucky to have food,there are kids starcing in Africa!"
Me: "Yeah well...go send it to them then!"
Grandma: "Gak!"
by bandanasrerad September 04, 2006

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A band that is good,but they are really,really overrated.
They're not the best band on the planet,just like Fall Out Boy or Alexisonfire.
They seem awesome until you listen to MCR Thursday or AT The Drive In and when you do they seem quite sucky.
Still,I'd pick FFTL over most post hardcore bands.
From First To Last: Cool at the moment but not all that brilliant. They do have Sonny Morre,though...
by bandanasrerad August 27, 2006

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Perhaps the most unintentionally-hilarious band ever.
Reading one of their interviews,the lead singer WiL Francis (someone who I reccomend for the fan girls) said he wanted people to "get something" from the music. He wants to "save people".Bless.
Now that's nice and all,but this is a band that have songs called "I set my friends on fire","Die Romanntic" and the masterpiece that is "Knife Blood Nightmare". At Download they jumped around like crazed monkeys and absolutley adored having bottle of pee pee thrown at them.
Don't knock Aiden,but don't take them seriously like Kerrang! do. If you do either of these,then you're a bonerhead.
Example of Aiden:
Girl 1:"Oh em gee,I LOBE Aiden,they're so hot LOL.Almost as hawt as My Chem,LOL.I think I'll go jerk off to a picture of Ville Valo,LOL!"
Me: *shakes head in disgust as girl tries to make out with poster of Gerard Way*

Girl 2: "Aiden, like, feel my pain. How could they not with lyrics like ""The sun came through the leaves and lit them up like it was on fire, right at sunset"...*sniff*"
Me:*face palm*

I like Aiden: they should play mainstage Reading And Leeds next year...bwaha haha haha!
by bandanasrerad September 04, 2006

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