a hairstyle that emo kids usually wear. long hair over the face to cover their "tears" and short and spiky in the back. it is opposite of a regular mullet, which is long in the back and short in the front, hence the name reverse mullet.
those kids are dark hippes-they have reverse mullets.
by carmelina September 24, 2006
a reverse mullet is a very awesome hairstyle similar to what preps and other dumbasses call "emo" or "scene".
basiacally its longish in the front (should cover one of ur eyes) and short and spiked in the back. in looks espeacially good when its dyed two different colors like black in front and red in back or something like that. some may choose to part it in the middle and gel the front so its straight and stringy looking, but parting it on the side and letting it cover half of your face looks good too. add as many colors as possible to get the best result.
billy martin's hair <3 is sometimes done in a reverse mullet.
by mcrXluver January 11, 2006
Punk style haircut sported by badasses, rednecks, trailer-trash, and death metal heads. Also sported by Hank williams III
Don't start a fight with someone sportin' a reverse mullet. You are better off shooting yourself in the head.
by Hellbilly November 19, 2004
A ridiculous looking hairstyle sported by douche-drinking cock-hounds, otherwise known as emos or scenesters. People who have a reverse mullet are great to beat up because they can't see out of one of thier eyes due to the hair covering it, and they are usually 90-pound douches. also, feel free to make fun of reverse-mullet wearing men, because they also wear makeup.
"Liam is such a fucking queer, his reverse mullet makes him look like an ass-hound. Die bitch, die."
by Evan Amabile May 10, 2006
The reverse mullet laid back is business in the back and party in the front with the party being slicked or greased backwards in a laying fashion. An excellent reverse mullet laid back would have the front party portion of the mullet extending well beyond the rear business portion and covering it completely reaching past the shoulder line. Unlike the standard reverse mullet, this is not worn by emos or scenesters but by distinguished rednecks and amateur musicians.
Dude, your hair looks just like that song by Stinky Shevinky, the reverse mullet laid back!
by Jager447 November 30, 2011