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Man's most deadly creation.
billions of people have died in the name of god
by b3n February 13, 2005

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abbreviated form for "super audio compact disc" or super audio cd"

This type of cd is similar to a regular cd but plays audio at a much higher level of quality.
How much do those sacd players cost?
by b3n December 31, 2004

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abbreviated form of "portable compact disc player" or "portable cd player"
Which pcdp should I get?
by b3n December 31, 2004

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To have a terrible case of the shits.
Yo nigga I got wanksta last night!
by b3n January 21, 2005

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elite kiddie script talk for ben
yo b3n wana ddos someone?
by b3n December 22, 2003

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The way black people pronounce jesus.
O lordy lordy! May jeebus help us all! O lordy!
by b3n February 12, 2005

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group of people on a neverending question to stop masturbation by scaring kids that they will go to hell
if you do that jesus will send your sinful ass to hell!
by b3n February 14, 2005

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