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Originally a respectful greeting from Hindu customs, it is now a pejorative used by English speaking Asians in reference to White backpackers in Southern and South East Asia.

A typical Namaste wears cargo shorts or elephant pants, has several Thai tattoos, yellow fever, and practices Buddhism despite being raised Christian. They usually spend several weeks or a month in Thailand or other parts of Southeast Asia, then return to their country just to criticize all their millennial friends for lacking experience.
"Fon's new boyfriend is a complete Namaste, he's only here to take pictures of himself riding an elephant. 555"
"At least he's not a weeaboo"
by awiergan May 10, 2017
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A kick ass website start by Tom and Wade Fulp (AKA: JESUS) . Slowly, the sites soul was taken over by orange and strawberry clock.

They spilled all the terrabytes of space with CRAP and hentai.

In an effort to save NG, the BLAM SQUAD was created. Now, only the elite are allowed to enter NG's sacred realm.

Many great movies can be found there.
The matrix has you
Magical Trevor
AIM: Ir jacking OFF on NG!! w00t! WHAT R U DOING???
by awiergan March 08, 2005
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A generic term for people who are not white, as taken from Saosin "not whites".
Not whites when my car is broken into!
"Even if it meant all the not whites in the world would vanish, I still wouldn't touch her"
by awiergan January 16, 2006
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See ¥
Simmilar to $. Japanese yen. Also a great shout out while online gaming.
100,000¥ ($)
That costs 10 alternate 0 1 6 5
by awiergan March 12, 2005
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Someone who is both a grognard and a neckbeard. These are among the lowest of the nerds on the scrotum-pole of nerdology.
Two nerds are playing Warhammer 40k.

Grogbeard: You only get a 3+ armor save if you're wearing Astartes Power Armor. Quit cheating or I'm going to tell the judge on you.
Ordinary Nerd: Dude, quit being such a grogbeard.
by awiergan September 05, 2012
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An odd place near israel. Now it is just shouted out.
JUMPIN JEHOSAPHAT! What the Geebus was that!?
by awiergan March 08, 2005
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He's giblits! A crack whore with MAGICAL POWERS!!!
He's giblits the magical crack whore, from the land of gravy and STD's.
by awiergan March 15, 2005
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