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The delirious lack of reality in one's own mentality when exposed to long periods of Minecraft play.

Symptoms include thinking Harvest Moon is a good game.
Friend: All the good games have mines in them, ya'know? Spelunky, Minecraft, Harvest Moon.
Yourself: I think you're suffering Minecraft Sickness.
by avatarmonkeykirby January 17, 2011
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The result of being smote over the head by a Giant, while at the same time attempting to jump-dodge the blow causing your character's corpse to fly uncontrollably high and automatically respawn 10 seconds later without even reaching the peak of the parabolic arc.
Evan though he tried to run, Jon got Skyrimmed hard.
by avatarmonkeykirby November 25, 2011
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Instead of singing in the shower, one makes angry Velociraptor screeches.
I woke up when my girlfriend decided to early morning Shower-Raptor
by avatarmonkeykirby September 17, 2010
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Song that is commonly played by a couple when they engage in the act of intercourse. This results in the usual participants daydreaming or getting aroused when they hear the song in a non-sexual environment.
I was performing open heart surgery, but had to stop when the radio played my lov'n song.
by avatarmonkeykirby September 05, 2010
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You all have it wrong. RM2k stands for Room mate to kill.
It's an advanced program that tracks down and kills your room mate.
rm2k crush, kill, destroy!!
by AvatarMonkeyKirby June 01, 2006
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