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Absolutely one of the most useful tools to have, it can be used as a weapon on account of being heavier than a bat but still slender enough to not be a fucking club. They range in size, but they universally have two sides: One for prying out nails, and another one for more blunt leverage. The side that pries out nails is incredibly effective as a weapon, being able to inflict cuts that a simple knife cannot match. If you use this properly, you are a chad among chads. It's also great for prying stuff open and ripping stuff off.

No wonder Gordon Freeman kicks ass with it.
Anarchist 1: Hey! You got a crowbar, don't you!
Anarchist 2: Yeah, I ordered mine off the internet.
Anarchist 1: Damn, all I got is a knife I duct taped to a pipe.
by armageddon ham September 29, 2020
Nowhere At The Millennium Of Space is an album, in similar tone to The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End Of Time, that explores dementia, its effects, and its totality. It's distinguished from Everywhere At The End Of Time in that rather than using music from the 1920's to 1940's, it uses music from the 1960's to 1980's, making it feel much more modern.
'I just finished listening to Everywhere At The End Of Time, depressing stuff.'
'Yeah? Some total chads made a version of that with music from the 60's, 70's and 80's, it's called Nowhere At The Millennium Of Space'
by armageddon ham March 30, 2021
the room from stephen king's the shining, in the movie some idiot forgot the number and changed it to 237.
to get cabin fever, like the guy in the shining did and get angry at people in the building
a room that has something gross in it(in the book it had a decomposing cadaver)
danny? yes o'halloran? don't go into room 217
oh shit, the cat left a real room 217 situation in there!
yeah dane went real room 217 on us last night, he broke the switch controller when we were playing smash
by armageddon ham February 12, 2020
as a result of being in quarantine, you don't get any exercise and gain 15 kilograms/pounds. you can use any number from 13-119, but generally its 15. the name comes from the term "freshman 15", when freshmen don't have anyone to cook for them and they eat nothing but mcdonalds and starbucks muffins.
"Man, Dave came down with a case of quarantine 15."
"Yeah, I've done nothing but gaming and watch tv, I have the quarantine 30
by armageddon ham March 25, 2020
A hivemind comprising 3 geniuses, all united under the D!NG project, you may be asking, is Vsauce an actual sauce? Maybe. You may also be asking, how can I experience this 'Vsauce'? Well watching Vsauce is something you can Do, !Online Now Guys.
Person 1: What if everybody jumped at once?
Person 2: Vsauce1 already talked about that
by armageddon ham September 15, 2020
1) An old, out of touch senile man who clearly has dementia who fucked Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders right in the ass and proved how broken the two party system and electoral college are. Still, he's marginally better than Donald Trump, the old, out of touch, racist senile man. Previously served as Barack Obama's vice president, now is serving as the president president.

2) To try and make a compromise where both parties lose just enough to suspect the other side got the better cut.

3) To forget what one is doing, where one is, or even in extreme cases, your own identity.
'Joe Biden just got inaugurated, so the country won't explode for another 4 years.'

'Bro stop pulling a Joe Biden'

'Dude the other day I got totally Joe Bidened when I was searching Amazon, I completely forgot that I was out of toilet paper and food.'
by armageddon ham February 3, 2021